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THE TAKEOVER: Semi Precious Weapons Music Video For ‘Semi Precious Weapons’

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Here’s the music video for their self-titled song off of their debut album ‘We Love You.’ Justin Trater is looking fierce! (And yes, that is Raquel Reed).
Via Myspace

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THE TEN: Alternative Tattoo Spots

Styled by Hillary Frazier

For those of us who aren’t Oliver Sykes, we’ve made a list of our ten favorite tattoo spots (tramp stamp NOT included).
1. Ribcage (Shanae Grimes)

2. Fingers (HannaBeth Merjos, Izzy Hilton, and Raquel Reed)

3. Wrists (My friend Rosser)
4. Feet (Nicole Richie)
5. Back of the [READ MORE]

SHOP Hello Drama | Label Whore Necklace (Silver), $

I’m not one to support fakes, but I love this bleeding Chanel logo. Hello Drama is an LA based rock and anime influenced jewelry line, commonly worn by Kat Von D, Daisy from Rock of Love, The Veronicas, Raquel Reed, and Michael from The Bravery.  

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