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CULTURE CLUB | December 5

Welcome to Paradise with @VanityFair, Beca Takes on #ArtBasel

Tonight, I headed out for a night in Miami worthy of a good outfit. First stop, the Belvedere(Red) Vanity Fair party hosted at the MOCA. During the party, North Miami saw its fair share of flashing lights and well dressed fems in heels, who desperately tried not to fall on their asses in the grassy backyard of the museum after a few vodka cocktails.

The event celebrated an exhibition by video artist Bill Viola, who is known for creating installations that explore some heavy subjects like birth and death. I know I’m supposed to act like I give a shit about art, but unless it falls under the masters, fashion or pop categories, I find most of what’s considered modern to exist in an “I don’t give a fuck” category. 

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One-Bag Weekend: The Memorial Day Essentials

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to start packing for your weekend getaway. If you’re a packing procrastinator like myself and wait until the morning of departure to prepare a bag, there is a way to make things a little easier on yourself. Ready? Go grab a pen and paper and find 10 minutes to spare. In this handy how-to guide, you will see how easy it is to pack for your entire weekend, using only one weekender bag. Click through the gallery, think of a piece in your closet that matches each of these essentials and write it on the list. Come crunch time, you will be packed and ready to go in 10 minutes! Whether you’re going to the beach, lake or mountains, don’t overpack this year; check out our pointers after the jump instead.

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