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FASHIONVILLE | December 12

@Monika_Chiang Opens Up Shop in Soho, Talks Getting Social and Why @ElinKling’s on Her Bloglovin

Some designers try to be cool. Others just get it.

Monika Chiang‘s effortless style and collection of downtown staples have been attracting the attention of fashion dig-”it”-al girls like Hanelli Mustaprata and Hilary Rhoda.  Her instagram has been a constant double-tap worthy stream of world travels, personal style vignettes, and of course, shoes, a favorite subject of this up and coming designer.

Launched last Fall with backing from brand building phenomChris Burch, entrepreneur investor behind Tory Burch and C.Wonder, the Monika Chiang collection has become a favorite for girls working a little more edge into their nightgear. Refining what it means to be downtown luxe, with a signature line that is a total reflection of her own style. Inspired by her nomadic childhood, she brings highlights from her multi-cultural lifestyle into designs. In her collection, Monika mixes mediums such as light weight fabrics with feathers and metal, creating a crafted vision for her style defining pieces.

We sat down with Monika to discuss the future of her brand, some of the blogs on her must-read list, and what she’d consider to be the perfect getaway.

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Everything You Could Ever Learn About Fashion’s Top Editors from a Cartoon

Supermodels and celebrities are the easiest to spot because they’re on the covers of magazines, star in movies, and get followed around by the paparazzi 24/7. Minus some of the infamous fashion staples, editors can sometimes be harder to spot. Luckily New York City illustrator Joana Avillez has broken it down for us in these super adorable sketches of fashion’s greatest editors and their signature style. Peep these fashion celebrity doodles after the jump and see how many you can name. 

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Learn From Fashion’s Brightest at The Curators Conference on September 5th

This year one of the most educational events held pre-Fashion Week is the Curators Conference in New York City where you can learn from culture creators from many different sides of the fashion spectrum. Featuring speakers like Susie Bubble, Gia Coppola, and Philippe Von Borries of Refinery29, the Curators Conference is an eye-opening experience that is a must-see for any creative professional. 

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