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FASHION / September 19 2011 12:44 PM

Through a Lens Fashionably: Fashion Week by Richard Guaty

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Richard Guaty was doing double-duty for FashionIndie and our sister site Lookbooks during Fashion Week: getting yelled at by Lindsay Lohansneaking backstage and getting yelled at by producers; missing deadlines and getting yelled at by me. In short, he put in werq. But the results are more than worth it! Check out some of the amazing shots Richard captured around town:

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CELEBULITE / September 16 2011 10:08 AM

Lindsay Lohan Could Calm Down a Tad

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Reports have been filing in from pretty much every corner of the internet of Lindsay Lohan basically fucking shit up during Fashion Week. Even our photog Richard Guaty had a run-in with her while minding his own biz during which she yelled at him to stop taking pictures of her — meanwhile, he wasn’t. But the latest incident involoves thrown glasses and a bloody dress. Lilo, we love you, but snort a chill pill.

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FASHION / September 7 2011 11:12 AM

Andrew Weir Has “Never Seen This Many Great New Faces in a Season. Ever.”

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This Sunday, in the middle of a parade of some 400 girls from every New York modeling agency, I sat down with casting superdirector Andrew Weir at the Hudson Hotel’s library. Weir was casting catwalkers for four shows this Fashion WeekThakoon, Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Taylor and Jen Kao. The selection of beautiful young things was  impressive to say the least and I took the opportunity to pick Weir’s brain on the state of the modeling industry today.

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