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FASHIONVILLE | September 19

Minnie Mouse goes Runway Hopping

When the 90s high-head twist pigtail buns turned the first corner at  Gerlan, my ears perked, Minnie Mouse?? When her face appeared on a baseball tee the next look after Minnie herself turned it, it was confirmed. This show walked the same day that the Minnie Mouse Designer Collection we told you about would become animated on our screens. But seeing her crop up in other runway shows like Meadham Kirchhoff seals the deal. That little mouse got supermodel makeover, and a stylist.

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Richard Nicoll + Vodafone Create Birkin Bag Lookalike that Charges Phones

When indie British designer Richard Nicoll and British telecommunications giant Vodafone teamed up, from it sprung a sleek bag built to charge your cell phone on the go. While it looks strikingly close to the iconic Hermés Birkin, its insides are all different. It’s battery powered to give your smartphone or tablet battery for days, and it’s got a Bluetooth enabled LED charm that blinks and twinks when with incoming calls and battery life alerts. In short, it’s a serious lifesaver. 

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British Council of Fashion Designers Play a Love Game at Wimbledon

The 125th annual Wimbledon tournament began yesterday with much hoorah from the fashion world. Just the other night, the women of the Women’s Tennis Association gathered for a pre-competition gala at The Roof Gardens in Kensington and the British Council of Fashion Designers rallied around of the tennis stars. These ladies may look smokin’ in tiny pleated skirts and poly/elastane tanks, but they clean up nice when powered by a council of designers. At least most of them do… See which one aced it, and which ones baselined. 

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