Every fashionista knows that Black Friday isn't just about shopping gifts for family and friends, it's about finding amazing deals on the stuff you know you really want. And what better way to do that than to grab an extra 30% off on designers already marked down at SSENCE.com, our new, not-so-secret addiction.

We've been combing their sales floor all week to pick out some of the best items from this weekends sale.

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Moments of Style: Beyonce

looked quite glamorous at Gotham Magazine’s annual gala on Tuesday. Her black Rock & Republic turtleneck gown fit her curvaceous frame quite well. But her vintage globe earrings are something to write home about. Honestly, when I first saw these photos, I wasn’t impressed. But the more I looked at the earrings’ detail, the fonder I became of them. The repetition of circles and antique gold detail are the perfect match for her sleek dress. This is a great look for , a nice change from her usual flashy sequined numbers.

Thanks Just Jared for the pic

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Rock & Republic Launches Make Up

Rock & Republic has unveiled a luxury cosmetics line for the lips, eyes, and face, which is bound to catch the attention of females looking for the trendiest make-up.

Rock & Republic’s mascara is called ‘Extremist’ and is described as, “a push-up bra for your lashes.”
‘Trickery’ is a tinted illuminator for the face, “that uses light-diffusing polymers and oil-absorbing properties to help you appear as fresh and dewy as a Hollywood starlet,” according to JustLuxe.

For the lips they offer ‘Luxe’ for “the ultimate pout.” It’s a glossy color that will come in a myriad of shades.
The packaging, of course, reflects the brand’s chic style; silver, black and sleek, all with the R & R logo.

Thanks TrendHunter

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I’m Over It: The “Cool” Mom

Some skanky Hockey Mom.

...the "cool" mom in .

Let’s face it, there is nothing cool about moms that wear pink velour sweatsuits, flaunt their belly-button piercings, show off their cleavage to their kid’s friends, smell like a baby prostitute or wear jeans. Really, anyone over the age of 40 that goes out looking like they are about to hit up a high school dance should be given a reality check. Yes, you are old. No, you shouldn’t be wearing your 14-year-old daughter’s clothes. Yes, you turn heads…but not in a good way. No, you are not cool.

If there is one thing I really applaud, it is a woman who embraces her age and dresses for it. Dressing like a “mom” doesn’t mean you lose fashion and sex appeal. My mom looks killer in her blazers, sweaters and jeans…and seeing that she has been married to my dad for 31 years means she must be looking good! 

Take my advice. If your mom has nicer clothes than you do, gets her nails done more frequently, dyes her hair obsessively and compliments your friend on her “stellar” heels, I recommend you ditch her while she’s shopping at Guess and head for higher ground. In the meantime, I’ll be hitting up 5th Ave with my cool mom.

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