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Older stories
CULTURE, FASHION / May 7 2012 10:30 AM

10 Fashion Feats and Fails at the Met Costume Institute Gala

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s annual Costume Institute Gala is tirelessly referred to as the Oscars of fashion and it certainly ranks as the industry’s glitziest and most glamorous night.  But unlike the Oscars red carpet, where actresses willfully play it safe for fear of a career-defining performance on the worst dressed list, at the Met Gala the balls are to the haute couture wall. This is Fashion with a capital effin’ F. Sometimes the results are truly stunning and other times they’re…how can I put this gently…god-awful. Let’s take a look back at the Met Gala’s greatest hits and misses.

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FASHION / January 2 2012 5:29 PM

Heels for Your Highness

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Lords and Ladies. Dukes, Duchesses, Prince and Princesses. Your Royal Highness. I present to thee 10 shoes worthy of your regal names. Please take them on behalf of our countenance that worship designers and their wares. May you stand at least a foot taller each time you step. And to you, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, I thank thee for donning shoes so royally spectacular. 

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CONTESTS, FASHION / December 21 2011 1:00 PM

WIN a Fab Hooded Fur Scarf from Charlotte & Lisa!

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What happens when two freshman at NYU meet in Paris and share their love for fashion, culture and the City of Lights? Charlotte Beecham and Lisa George can tell the tale, as their friendship and appreciation for the same pleasures in life turned into a sophisticated line of scarves, Charlotte & Lisa. I caught up with the design duo to talk about holiday dressing, cold weather staples and their favorite fashion moments of 2011. Click for the Q&A and a chance to win a gorgeous hooded fur scarf from the brand.

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NEWS / September 29 2011 5:24 PM

One Queen to Another: Andrej Pejic to Meet Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizbaeth II is getting pretty hip in her old age. Having already met Lady Gaga — and not even blinking — she then stole the show at the Royal Wedding in a very au courant monochromatic number and now she’s slated to meet androgynous model of the moment, Andrej Pejic. Next thing you know she’ll be releasing a Euro dance-pop single and tweeting about her upcoming stint on Pretty Little Liars

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FASHION / September 14 2011 5:13 PM

Philomena Kwok Millinery Takes #NYFW & the FashionIndie Loft by Storm

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Thanks to the royal wedding, fascinators have been winning Americans over, and we obviously can’t get enough of them in the FashionIndie office. Lucky for us and our guests at the Indie Break Room, the lovely and talented milliner Philomena Kwok came all the way from Australia to showcase her work at our New York Fashion Week event. From costume to races to bridal headwear, Philomena works with a range of beautiful materials to create unusual and memorable pieces. Click to see all the fab fascinator photos after the jump.

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FASHION, NEWS, TRENDS / August 31 2011 5:23 PM

The Fascinating History of the Fascinator: How Long will they Linger?

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Since the moment Kate became Catherine, we’ve been a world fascinated by fascinators. This feather headdress is drenched in history, fluttering in and out of fashion over time. But as the summer of the fascinator has flown us by, is this trend is still flying? Come New York Fashion Week, will they run the way? Style the street? Or have these birds migrated on? Let’s look at where they came from, to see if we can tell where they’re going.

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