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CULTURE / January 10 2012 2:44 PM

Set Phasers on Stunning: The 10 Hottest Robots of All-Time

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It’s officially the future, but color us disappointed. We’ve got a black president, handheld computers and weapons of mass destruction, but what about what else was promised to us by sci-fi films and Saturday morning cartoons. We see nary a flying car. But more importantly, where are the robots, the androids and the bionic men and women? On the one hand, they’re the harbingers of humankind’s downfall. But on the other, they’re the sexy, sentient superbeings here to fulfill our every desire. A good idea in theory, but amazingly creepy in practice.  These robots, however, keep our hope of a future rife with robosexual adventure alive and mechanically kicking. 

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MUSE OF THE WORLD: Liz’s White Diamonds to Bring Christie’s Luck, A Collective Eye-Rolling Over Blake at Chanel & Hollywood’s Newest Dysfunctional Couple

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- Christie’s is rumoured to be auctioning off Dame Elizabeth Taylor‘s legendary jewelry collection, at one time valued at $150 million. I’d like to put in my initial bid for the 69-carat Taylor Burton Diamond. Let’s just take a quick look-see at the ole bank account…is $41.57 enough? [People]

MUSE OF THE WORLD: Lizs White Diamonds to Bring Christies Luck, A Collective Eye Rolling Over Blake at Chanel & Hollywoods Newest Dysfunctional Couple

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MEN'S / July 1 2009 2:00 PM

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males

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Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we have; a lot of the talked-about celebrity males bare a striking resemblance to…each other. We’ve broken some down in a ten list, and I found myself having to check google a few times to make sure I was matching the right picture to the right name.  

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males1. Zac Efron: Musical male

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males2. Chase Crawford: Replacement for musical male, hot gossip male

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males3. Chad Michael Murray: Veteran male…how many seasons of One Tree Hill have there been?

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males4. Ryan Kwanten: Aussie male

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males5. Jesse McCartney: Musical male pt 2, also turned actor?

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males6. Chris Evans: Shirtless male. I literally could not find a picture of this guy with his shirt on.

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males7. Chris Pine: Chick flick  turned Trek male

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males8. Channing Tatum: What all these males would look like with muscles male

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males9. Tom Welling: Supernatural male

THE TEN: Interchangeable Hollywood Males10. Ryan Phillippe: Original male (R.P. started out the male trend, without him, what would all of these other males look like!)

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