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Spratters & Jayne: Woolen Warmth Handmade in Peru

In this balmiest of winters, my main source of mild chill-shielding has come from scarves. Go ‘head girl, wear your lighter fall jacket clear through to March (goodness knows I’ll be wearing my vintage mohair Oscar de la Renta as long as humanly possible), just wrap up in a good scarf for the iffy elements. Which brings me to the new brand Spratters & Jayne – they’re working with a Peruvian co-op that handmakes luscious wool scarves in radical shapes. Spratters & Jayne experiment with chain link, loose net, multi-wrap scarves, and now they want you to play and keep warm in them. There’s a special FashionIndie discount – we’ll tell you all about it after the jump!


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Men Mad for McQueen Skull Scarves

Silk summer scarves for men? Oh yes, sir. In ancient China, silk was the emperor’s fabric of choice. Well, we don’t live in ancient China, but Alexander McQueen is our late great emperor. Honor his memory by indulging in his signature skull scarf from the God Save McQueen collection. Get the Emperor some new clothes, and see a few ways to wear them here. 

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