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Older stories
NEWS / April 9 2012 4:15 PM

Easter Hats Gone Wild, Anne Hathaway’s ‘Miserables’ Haircut and Facebook ‘Likes’ Instagram for $1B

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Scarlett Johansson has apparently been moonlighting from her unconvincing portrayal of an actress to hawk sex toys in Mexico. [TMZ]

- Lindsay Lohan has been accused of attacking a woman in West Hollywood, but LiLo denies the charges. She only attacks people when there’s a rogue SUV involved, thank you. [NYDN]

- Some people brought their A-Easter-hat-game yesterday for New York’s annual Easter Parade, particularly this gal who clearly decimated a forest of drag queens for her chapeau. [Paper]

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CULTURE / November 1 2011 6:09 PM

4 Celebrity Halloween Parties You Missed Last Night

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Heidi Klum started it years ago, and the trend has spread like wildfire. Celebrity Halloween parties have been taking the October holiday by storm so much, we can’t decide which bashes to attend and those to leave behind. Check out these four celebrity Halloween parties you may have missed last night and start making your list for next year.

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MODELS / March 13 2011 1:07 PM

The 25 Greatest Supermodels of the Past 50 Years: The 90s and 00s

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The 90s began with the biggest names in the business and then they were all but wiped out when 15 year old Kate Moss slouched onto the scene. Like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree (who bears a striking resemblance to Kate) before her, Kate ushered in a new body image for women to aspire to. That image was the definitive shape for the past two decades and only now are we seeing curves reappear on the runway and in advertising. We’re parking this model mobile in the here and now!

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CELEBRITY, MODELS / October 6 2010 3:58 PM

In Fashion, One Day You’re In, the Next You’re Hosting a Dying Reality Show

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You know what that say. Every time a model gets pregnant, an angel loses her wings. After 13 years, Heidi Klum is no longer carrying a Secret. The model turned host turned MILF will no longer be seen strutting down the runway with the likes of Chanel Iman and Alessandria Ambrosio. I would say she would be missed, but then again, I’m already over her.

In Fashion, One Day Youre In, the Next Youre Hosting a Dying Reality Show

Guess they're going for full-time babymaking. At the rate these two are going, they could repopulate the world after a weekend in the Bahamas with a six pack of Arbor Mist.

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