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Older stories
GIRLS / January 13 2010 8:00 PM

FAVE PICKS: Studs? Shoulderpads? Black? I’m In. (And Only $68!!)

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FAVE PICKS: Studs? Shoulderpads? Black? Im In. (And Only $68!!)Amongst my time of spending way too much money too quickly on the most fabulous clothing even though my closet is overflowing from the holidays, I found this dress at Urban Outfitters and just HAD to have it.  I’ve been searching for a fitted black dress with shoulderpads for EVER and I haven’t been able to find anything to fit how unfortunately small I am, but this dress does a pretty good job (okay so the waist is baggy..but that’s what belts are for right?).  Plus, the shoulderpads aren’t just shoulderpads…THEY’RE STUDDED. AND GOLD. I’m dying. Why does it have to be so cold out?!

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