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Older stories

INDIE REWIND: The Landmark Case of Hipster v. Gay

Ah, that old debate. As sexuality becomes more and more fluid and jeans become tighter and tighter, it’s hard out there for a gay to discern a plain old, common, douchebag hipster from a boy-humping, mustache-riding, disco-dancing, Streisand-listening friend of Dorothy. In reality, the only thing truly separating one from the other is a few too many PBRs and a dimly-lit bar. However, for sartorial’s sake, let’s do a quick rundown of 10 articles these two groups share in and out of irony.

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Hipster Paper Dolls Are Accurate & Eco-Friendly

Maybe these hipster paper dolls really are too cool for paper, but their pretentious mindsets are quite Eco-friendly as no trees were harmed in the making. Hipster Dress Up is just about the most fun you can have to the sounds of acoustic indie guitar music a la Juno. Mix and match messy hairstyles with various tattooed body parts and stocking caps for a raring good time. There’s a plaid shirt and pair of skinny jeans for even the most discerning tastes. My biggest problem with this game? No heels. No fun! Okay it’s still fun and sure to hinder you from a few precious minutes of productivity. Click to see the one I so diligently styled this morning after the jump.

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True Religion Makes Us Wish for Spring

Although fall has merely, well, fallen upon us, we are drooling over all the Spring 2012 collections coming our way. We just got our hands on True Religion‘s S/S lookbook and can’t get enough of the bold colors, extreme flare bellbottoms and lustrous leather-like skinnies. Whether man or woman, you’re going to love every piece in this collection. Go ahead, take a look for yourself.

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