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BEAUTY, MUSIC / May 1 2012 1:08 PM

Musical Manicures

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Now that April is finally over, it’s time for some May music madness!  This month’s theme is “jam”-packed with all things music, starting with album inspired nail art.  (see what we did there?)  Getting a basic manicure is now a thing of the past, as intricate, over-the top nails have become the new fashion accessory.  From The Beatles to Skrillex, these rocking music designs have us screaming “Encore!”

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NYC, PLAYLIST / January 31 2012 6:52 PM

VIDEO: DJ Panda Pupstep Blindfolded and Dog-Napped by Skrillex

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Help! DJ Panda Pupstep has been captured! He’s been “blindfolded and driven to a secret location”! Could this be the same secret location Skrillex will be performing at Thursday night? Invitations with those exact no-peeking-allowed instructions for the Best New Artist Grammy nom’s show were indeed scattered across to a lucky few (Who, me??) by We Are The Superlative Conspiracy. True to their namesake’s philosophy, the headphone/skate/denim brand WeSC is planning something sneaky and totally epic. But to dognap this dubsteppin’ pupster? The horror! Sounds like Skrillex already wubbed his way into DJ Panda Pupstep’s doggy head.

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