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Older stories
ROUNDUP / October 24 2012 12:34 PM

10 Best Run Around All Day/Party All Night Shoes

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Sure, you’ve got a wall full of heels and a strong set of calves that get the job done. But right now, we’re looking at the the 3-inch and under, no stiletto silhouette that will take you from your day job, to errands, to meeting your besties for a dance-all-night-athon. The key to these shoes: the first thing you notice is not the heellessness, but simply that they are cool. Heel or no heel, you’re getting noticed. Take note of these 10 shoes that’ll take you there without a chirp of foot pain. 

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SHOES / October 5 2012 2:30 PM

SHOE ENVY: Kei Kagami S901E

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Though I audibly gasped upon seeing this pair of Kei Kagami shoes, they’re actually kind of ugly. But this design, which looks slightly lopsided and very awkward by itself, probably transforms into the most beautiful of specimens when placed on a foot.

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SHOES / September 5 2012 2:30 PM

SHOE ENVY: Classics by Buffalo 1345-30

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Sorry ladies, this 12-incher is for our gentlemen friends, you’ll have to find your kicks elsewhere today. Fellas, did you ever think you’d be shopping for a platform shoe like this? Surprise! Classics by Buffalo created 1345-30 so you could add a full foot to that already fab height of yours.

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