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From One Urbanite to Anotha’

Recently, and by recently I mean a few moments ago, I was disturbed by one of our readers accusations of racism due to our stance on Soulja Boy’s blasphemous endeavor into fashion. I happen to be a black man, YES, A COLORED, writing for the same blog which you’ve (commenter) labeled as the second coming of Jim Crow and I just have to put my 2 cents in on this.

1) Whomever sent the comment needs to focus more on finishing 3rd grade than playing around on her mamas computer, your spelling errors speak volumes of your intelligence.


2) Soulja Boy is trash and I guarantee his clothes will be too. So many rappers do this, they could care less about fashion, HELL MOST OF THEM DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE MUSIC, THEY JUST RAP TO MAKE MAJOR CASH FUNDS IT’S JUST A HUSTLE, THEY DON’T RESPECT THE ART OF HIP-HOP……and you can rest assured they don’t care about our beloved world of fashion. There’s really nice urban fashion out there like SUPREMEbeing and Mecca but some of it is just ridiculous and worth even less than the bag you bring it home in.

3) Now as I said before, I am a black man and I know how “other” people react to our culture, but just becuz someone doesn’t like like Rocawear or Phat Farm doesn’t make them a racist, NOT EVERYONE IS GONNA LIKE WHAT WE WEAR. Me personally, I still don’t think it’s cute in any form or fashion to have your pants saggin off your ass. On the other side, in my experience, it doesn’t matter what I wear, A RACIST IS GONNA TREAT ME LIKE TRASH IF I’M DECKED OUT IN ABERCROMBIE OR DRESSED HEAD TO TOE IN G-UNIT. Therefore lets remember not to be so quick to think of urban wear as the devils apparel, but if it’s trash, it’s trash.

We’re still dealin’ with these issues in the world, especially in the U.S. and I really think that we should be careful about who we label racist, but at the same time when it does happen we need to acknowledge it. This situation, however, is just an acknowledgment of an over exposed clown pimpin’ himself for more money.

C’mon, what kind of ass stands up for Soulja Boy?!

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