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Older stories
RUNWAY / September 25 2012 1:00 PM

Face Off: Proenza Schouler vs. Dolce and Gabbana

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What do Dominico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana and Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez have in common? Dolce & Gabanna and Proenza Schouler are both made up of a duo of gay designers (duh). Neither of them have an off-price collection (anymore). The two sets each have impecable tailoring with a love of color. And both pairs of designers ruminated over their struggles getting into Bergdorf’s in the Bergdorf Goodman documentary. Oh, and these two design houses each featured people and faces in their Spring ’13 prints. It was a bizarre jarring departure from the expected, and the only two runways we’ve seen face up to it. Who does it better?

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ACCESSORIES / September 21 2012 8:31 AM

I Still Love Neon Plastic Jewelry and Hotpants

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When Williamsburg-er Carrie Morrissey got herself a laser cutting machine, she picked up some neon plastic and got to werq. Glowing stackable rings, plastic shimmies, and larger than life necklaces and cuffs are turning it out for Spring 2013. She started with lace safety shorts, but now the cutouts are all of her own devise. She’s making both wild neon leggings and jewelry, but her message is loud and clear: I Still Love You NYC. Watch the creepy/cool video ahead. You’ll definitely still love us afterward.

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ACCESSORIES, FASHION / September 20 2012 11:03 AM

13 Coolest Things We Found at Capsule

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The coolest indie tradeshow that tours NY, Paris, Berlin and Vegas is going on now on South St. FashionIndie stomped the aisles of Capsule in 6″ platforms, as independent designers and showrooms showed their wares for the coming season. Some boothes we breezed by (too boring), but these 13 items stopped us in our tracks. Each piece has a cool story, and we can’t wait to wear them when the weather warms up again. 

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FASHION, RUNWAY / September 18 2012 1:09 PM

It’s a Squiggly Sketchy London Spring

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Last spring was all about the florals (ground breaking), so for 2013, London Fashion Week designers are bounding back with something a little more unnatural. It comes from the margins of your notebooks in the days before MacBooks. It comes from wistful daydreaming against boring lectures. These are doodles, and they’ve dropped in, squiggling down the runways of Christopher Kane, Louise Gray and others. See which designers have been super sketchy. 

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RUNWAY / September 17 2012 1:24 PM

Outlandish Outliers: 6 New York Designers That Look a lot Like London

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London Fashion Week turns it out with such brightness and humor that typically evades New York (in favor of chic sleekness). But there’s a handful of NYFW designers that throw color to the wind in reckless abandon, churning out chaotic brilliance this side of the pond. Whether they belong here or there, we’re glad they stayed. Meet our favorite New York designing wild childs. 

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RUNWAY, TRENDS / September 17 2012 10:55 AM

Huesome Twosome: The Most Popular Color Combo on the NYFW Runways

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We know the brights are super light and mixed altogether in some of the wilder spring looks, but two of those colors have become besties, inseparable on runways from Proenza Schouler to Asher Levine. While we may have the end of Fashion Week blues, at least blue has a friend in orange. Like Daniella Kallmeyer, who wanted an androgynous orange peach with a feminine blue, the play of color wheel opposites permeated many of the best shows we saw this week. 

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