STREET HEROES: 8 Looks That Made The Sartorialist Great in May

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Coute Que Coute shows us the best looks he spotted on the Satorialist in May. The rundown of bright patterns and summer ready looks gets us really excited for the new season. Check out all the looks after the jump and be sure to check out

Welcome Our New Contributors Lucas And Jessica!

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You may have noticed some new faces on Fashion Indie today, and I just wanted to take a second to introduce all of the Indies to our newest contributors, Lucas Logan and Jessica Li.

STREET HEROES: The Guns Of Brixton

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With the exception of this insanely mild NYC week, the weather is starting to deteriorate to gross cold and cloudy days. It’s this weather that makes me love this look so much. The trench is a timeless piece, and when it’s topped with a rain hat it looks even

TWITS: Are Fashion Editors Still Street Heroes?

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In response to the Jak & Jil + collab, someone isn’t happy that fashion editors are the newest street heroes…but we’re still real people too!

What do you think..should fashion editors be axed from street style blogs?
LINK LOVE: A Continuous Lean’s Twitter


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Oh joy to New York Fashion Week, you bring out the best in people(‘s closet). This girl was spotted outside of the Robert Geller show.


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She loves her new necklace, and so do we! (it was DIY-ed by a friend). Grace is super adorable, her haircut is awesome, and so are the rest of her looks!
Check them out on her Lookbook

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE: Where Are Your Style Pics?

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I know my post about how we were searching for the next member of our ’25 under 25 stylish people to know’ list may have seemed kind of harsh, but it wasn’t meant to turn EVERY one of you away!  Our twitter only received ONE @


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Not only did she make the scarf, she made the shirt too. Still wishing I knew how to do.
See this and more on Gabrielle’s Lookbook


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I love the socks with the heels, and her really drapey cardigan.  I guess I’m feeling very Rad-inspired after last night’s event, but this girl definitely looks like she could’ve been there.
See this and more on Anne-Laur’s Lookbook

STREET HEROES: Last Night’s Rad Event

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Stop. Hammer time.  I love those sequined drop-crotch pants.  These guys both looked super fablous, and were perfectly outfitted together.  So many fashion people at the Rad Hourani event, but unfortunately the Fashion Indie cam died early into the night, but we were

STREET HEROES: Dennis Robles

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That shirt is so sick! I really don’t like how slashed up his pants are, but I’ll give it to him, he knows how to dress. Birkin bag, hah.

TRENDSPARK?: Not Wearing A Bra

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Not sure if she has no idea what is going on, or that she just doesn’t care. Can’t say I’ll be doing this anytime soon.
SOURCE: Fashionising

STREET HEROES Complex Emotions in London

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STREET HEROES: Feel Kinda Baggy

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I was searchign through my usual style blogs this morning, when I came across this photo on LookBook and fell in love. Coming from a guy you may find it a bit suprising, but the simple slouchy jeans and tank accompanied by a set of suspenders and booties looks


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I like how much this couple is matching, and the girl has that shredded tights look that I love/am dying to start working. Not sure if you noticed, but she’s also wearing socks with her heels, which I think is awesome.  I’m also loving the guy’s white pants, and

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