STREET ZERO: God Bless The USA, And Swine Flu

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I’m a happy tourist in the USA with my American flag shorts and my flip flops…but I’m also wearing a Public Enemy shirt so maybe I’m not a tourist because I don’t want people thinking I’m a terrorist…so maybe I’m just having a

STREET ZEROES: My Sister Is Stalking Verizon Customers RIGHT NOW

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I am now about to go on a rant about how much I don’t like the Midwest:
My sister is currently texting me with live updates of her trip to the Verizon store in Ann Arbor.  This further explains why my sister and I are the same person:

STREET ZEROES: The Notorious Passout Girl

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Ah the infamous girl who passes out at the concert before the second performer hits the stage. It’ quite obvious at events like this who the real party goers are. Mental notes people, by all means get your money’s worth at open bar, but be careful of the infamous


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There are so many things wrong about this photo. The acid wash, the belly chain, the clear bra straps, the open back shirt, the overly, overly cheap, bedazzled purse. EW.
SOURCE: Miss Dior Couture

THE TEN: Fashion Trends We Hope Remain In The Grave

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Everyone knows trends find a way of phasing themselves back in (we’ve been going through a severe 90s grunge comeback for awhile now), but there’s a few trends that we hope never make it back to life (although some of them are trying desperately, or maybe already have):
1. Thong

STREET ZEROES: My Jersey Experience

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After being convinced by Corey and friends that going to Jersey with them was a good idea, we decided to go to the mall and see Bruno.  There were a plethora of zeroes to be found, but my phone wouldn’t let me capture them all. At least she matches? 

TRENDSPARK?: Not Wearing A Bra

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Not sure if she has no idea what is going on, or that she just doesn’t care. Can’t say I’ll be doing this anytime soon.
SOURCE: Fashionising

STREET ZEROES: Paris Fashion Week #fashionfail

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I couldn’t decide if I liked this or not, I think what is throwing me off the most is the Star Trek-esque jacket, or maybe it’s because I still don’t know how I feel about leather pants. What do you guys think?

STREET ZEROES Homeless Woman Happens to be Hot (#fashionfail)

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If there is one thing I hate about people who don’t look like total Boyles is that occasionally they insist on dressing like shitake to prove that they are still attractive. This woman attempted to do just that. A ratty blanket an outfit does not

STREET HEROES VS ZEROES The League of Extradinary Gentlegays Talk With Lady Blanket

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Love what the guys are wearing, but did that woman just roll out of bed, literally. It looks like she decided to wear her bedsheets in public. So basically, her outfit is NO.
SOURCE: THE MYKRO MEN// [Saynt's shared items in Google Reader]

STREET ZEROES: Is It Too Late to Abort?

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Sometimes I think it would be so flippin awesome to reside in Billyburg so that I can be closer to the budding fashion and art scene, but then I see shit like this and I’m thankful these people would get shot in the Bronx. Oh Boogie Down how I

STREET ZEROES: Johnny Depp from Secret Window Just Called, He Wants His Look Back

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I’ve stared at this photo for twenty minutes, still can’t decided if it’s a chick or not. Any takers?
LINKAGE: berlin: phoebe jean

STREET ZEROES: Christina Aguilera. 2004 Called. She Wants Her Look Back.

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LINKAGE: Christina Aguilera @ The Viper Room – March 28

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