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BOOKCLUBBIN’ — Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco

Does anything in life matter besides fashion, art, sex and disco? Short answer: no. In addition to my meditation mantra, those have always been the main tenants of my life and the same can be said for fashion illustrator and photographer Antonio Lopez. Lopez is largely forgotten today, but the new book from Rizzoli, Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco, will easily change that.

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Where There’s Le Smoking, There’s Bound to Be Fire

To kick off June, our month dedicated to “Men,” let’s take a look back at that classic menswear staple, the tuxedo, given a feminine touch by Yves Saint Laurent some five decades ago: Along with the bikini, the wrap-dress and the tranny heel, Le Smoking is the greatest sartorial invention of the past 50 years.

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LINKLOVIN | January 19

INDIE NEWSROOM: Sex and the City Prequel on The CW…Snooki, Unmasked…Versace x H&M Sells Out — Again

- The CW has greenlit a pilot for The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to Sex and the City based on Candice Bushnell‘s book of the same name. The series will chronicle young Carrie Bradshaw‘s senior year in high school as she takes her first stilettoed steps through New York in the early 80s. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the young Samantha Jones storyline where she’s blowing rails and everything/one else at 54. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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