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6 Best iPhone Fashion apps to download

Styled by The Fashion Web

There’s no question that we love our iPhones and as the advocates of Apple fandom, we think it is only right that we come up with a list of the best fashion apps to download for the iPhone. Technology makes it so easy for a person to be fashionable and stylish with the help of iPhone apps, the ease of use also allows for you to be up to date with the latest fashion news and updates. Truly, there is an iPhone app for anything.

I must also clarify that it is a total coincidence that the all apps featured happened to have black icons. Guess the designers do know the colour that’s in fashion.

Fashion Terms iPhone app($0.99)

  • Basic Fashion terminology
  • Explains fashion terms, differentiating garments and describes different fabrics.
  • Well designed app with simple navigation.
  • Might be a tad too simple for advanced fashionistas but a good app overall for beginners.
  • Download for the Fashion Terms iPhone app here

Topshop iPhone app (free to download)

I love Topshop (who doesn’t?!?!?!) and I’m really glad to know that they have an iPhone app for it so I can keep up to date with their newest items on the go. It’s my favorite store to hunt for basics and also dressy pieces.

  • Beautifully designed interface with regular updates.
  • Location based so you can locate the nearest Topshop branch near you.
  • Updated 5 times a week with new items so you’ll always know which are the newest items.
  • Download link for the Topshop iPhone app here iPhone app (free to download)

Things can get a little crazy during fashion week and there are 67457237 fashion shows to catch up on. The iPhone app makes it SO simple to catch up on fashion shows while you’re on the go. It updates and prompts you on the fashion shows that you have not viewed and I sometimes screencap the look that I like and just attached it to a tweet to share with everyone.

  • View runway looks on the go
  • Prompts you on the fashion shows that you have not viewed.
  • Vote for the “Look of the day”
  • Download link for the iPhone app here

All Saints iPhone app (free to download)

I was in the All Saints store in Soho, New York some time back and I was pleasantly surprised to see iPads in the store with a catalogue for customers to browse. Little did I know that the same app that they are using for the iPad is also available to the public on the iPhone. Simply amazing.

  • Wonderful interface with easy to browse pages.
  • Cohesive look with the rest of the other marketing visuals ( online store website, store display, lookbook pictures)
  • Location based to find the nearest All Saints store near you.
  • Regularly updated
  • Download the All Saints iPhone app here

Sartorialist iPhone app (free to download)

I do wish that has an app for itself. The Sartorialist is awesome, after the success of the Sartorialist book, it goes on to having an iPhone app. This application makes it easy to browse the looks that was taken off the sartorialist blog.

  • Easy to browse looks and pictures.
  • Easy to save pictures to camera roll and share on Facebook.
  • Sometimes takes too long to load photos.
  • Download link for the Sartorialist iPhone app here

eBay Fashion iPhone app (free to download)

This is an eBay application specifically made for the Fashion category of eBay listings. Using this iPhone app, you can browse through a large selection of men’s, women’s, children and vintage clothing.

  • Fashion specific eBay iPhone app
  • browse through fashion related listings on eBay on the go.
  • Fashion Vault section of the app offers time limited, exclusive sale on designer items.
  • Download eBay Fashion iPhone app here.

So here we have it. 6 iPhone fashion apps to download. Do you have a list of your own to share?

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5 dream shoes to covet

Styled by The Fashion Web

Sometimes, online shopping can be detrimental to health. Browsing online shops inspired me to come up with a list of 5 shoes to covet. I’m pretty sure most of these shoes are coveted by fashion bloggers everywhere but either way, let’s sit back and enjoy these beauties.

Here’s the list of 5 dream shoes to covet (from top left):

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti black leather zip detail platform boots : Zipper details are always very much loved.
  2. Dsquared Nappa Spine Heel ankle boots: This pair of shoes has fashion bloggers all over the world hankering after this, what can I say? What’s there not to covet?
  3. Alexander McQueen canvas and leather peep toe boots: This reminds me much of the Freja boots from Alexander Wang. Love the skull zipper head.
  4. Acne Admire Platform booties: Another pair of “IT” shoes for this season. I’d get myself a pair of these any day if I have extra cash.
  5. Trippen “Fancy” sandals: I am really loving the sole cause of the Geta ?? details, the Japanese influence in this pair of shoes will definitely make heads turn when worn.

What are the shoes that you are coveting at the moment?

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PARTNER: What’s in my bag: Arissa 07/07/10

Styled by The Fashion Web

It’s International NANA day! What’s in my bag on this superbly momentous day you ask??

What’s in my bag:

  1. iPad : Fits perfectly into this bag. Major love!
  2. iPhones: Pural form yes, one SG number, one UK number. I call them Ceiling cat and Basement cat.
  3. Kensington backup battery and USB wire: We can all agree that the iPhone 3GS runs out of juice very very fast.
  4. Louis Vuitton Wallet: Dawn hates my wallet cos my notes are always folded.
  5. Moleskine Monthly notebook: That’s where most of the magic on is recorded and scheduled.
  6. Pen: from Muji
  7. Mini colour pencils from Marc Jacobs: COLOUR!!
  8. Books: New books I picked up while spending time in my local book store. (I need to grow myself some talent. *gloom*)
  9. Headphones: Stuck the crystals on myself. They’re fold-able and very compact.
  10. Muji Aluminium Namecard case + monoxious namecards
  11. Bag: From Country Road (because I can’t afford a Proenza Schouler PS-1)

Okay I know you guys have questions. Bombs away!!!!!

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LINK LOVE:What’s in my bag: Arissa 07/07/10

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Trending Items: Summer Must-Haves

Styled by The Fashion Web

If there is one thing you should know about japanese street trends, it’s that when it hits, you wouldn’t be able to miss it unless you are blind. You can walk down a street and literally spot a dozen girls sporting the same trends. I admit that I am smitten by a few of these trends myself, and will be high lighting some of the most prominent trends this spring/summer season!

The little cotton dress: Light-coloured cotton dresses ranging from mid thigh to maxi length. Maxi dresses are especially popular.

As seen on the streets:

If a singular item can sum up the trend in Japan right now, it would be the straw boater hat.

Seen on the streets:

Scarves can be worn in a variety of ways – on the neck, tied on the back, or most commonly in the hair!

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