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GIRLS, Mens / August 28 2009 4:16 PM

THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)

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We asked, and you told! Here are some of the best street style blogs (besides ours), including some favorites mentioned by our Twitter followers (in no particular order):


Picture 2Picture 3IS MENTAL: An awesome blog in itself, but also featuring some rad streetstyle from the webworld


Picture 4THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)Altamira NYC: Nicknamed the ‘off duty models blog,’ all sorts of industry peeps are featured on Altamira, making it even better than it already is to look at for street style.

Picture 5THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)Hoy Fashion: Streetstyle from London, Manchester, and Liverpool. What I like best about this styleblog is that it also includes close-ups of everyone’s faces

Picture 6THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)Jak and Jil: An absolute favorite, Jak and Jil frequent events and fashion shows, catching models, designers, and other fashion peeps, which makes for the most fashionable styleblog on the web

Picture 7Picture 8Glam Canyon: A typical feature in Fashion Indie’s RAW feed, and another unique look at style worldwide


Picture 9THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)Style Defined: A look at NYC’s style elite, and a guest photographer at Fashion Indie’s SoHo Grand events!

Picture 10THE TEN: Best Street Style Blogs (Besides Fashion Indie, Of Course)The Sartorialist: Given.  So painfully cool that they have their own book.

Picture 11Picture The roots of style blogs everywhere (including numerous style bloggers). was formerly an exclusive street style blog for invited members only, but I think they’ve opened it to the rest of the public now (judging by some of the horrors found on the site…) Regardless, it’s always a good site for Street Heroes, by the thousands.


Picture 13Picture 14Face Hunter: Another worldwide photo snapper, Face Hunter was the first style blog that I ever began to frequent (back when I was still in Michigan and didn’t know my way around the internet). I think I made a wise first choice, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

Picture 15blog 089Click Clash: An East Coast street style blogger with a lot of fresh taste. Also, check out the blogroll in the right column, tons and tons of good clicks!


Who’s your favorite? Someone we missed?

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RANDOM COOL SHIT / August 17 2009 10:15 AM

LAST WEEK(ENDS) PARTY: Thursdays Never Looked So Good!

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After a long weekend of vodka infused fun, I finally have a second to relax and recap what happened in my head. If you don’t know by now, Fashion Indie has taken a fondness to a certain Thursday night party that is shaping up to be one of the trendiest parties in this city. Thursdays @ Soho Grand is a new party hosted by Niko Liakaris, Jon Daly, Brandon Bogard, and Gabi Richmond at (duh!) the Soho Grand Hotel every (duh! again) Thursday.


This week featured some amazing photography from the super talented (and newly aquianted) Katya Moorman of Style Defined. There were some very fashionable folks in the crowd too, just check the gallery! Want to join the party? Check Fashion Indie later this week for details on how you can come join the most fashionable party in NYC!

Gallery: LAST WEEK(ENDS) PARTY: Thursdays Never Looked So Good!

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