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Older stories
CULTURE, FASHION, NEWS / September 22 2011 3:27 PM

Gautam Dutta Takes the Color Collection Cake

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Turns out Vitaminwater is not just a great cure for hangovers; it is also helping aspiring designers make their first break.  Last week, the enhanced-beverage brand announced Savannah, GA’s Gautam Dutta as the winner of its color collection contest, for which a few talented designers were asked to create a Vitaminwater-inspired t-shirt. Gautam will have his design sold by the CFDA on and will receive $5,000 to help his career take off.

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BACKSTAGE / August 15 2011 1:04 PM

Shop Now: Men’s Rainy Day Attire

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It’s raining, it’s pouring the fashion is generally bo-ring… American gentlemen have a tendency to dress ultra down when the weather goes sour and we’re really starting to notice.  We turned to our friends across the pond at The Great Divide  to pick up a thing or two that will keep our boys dapper and dry in the wet weather.  Here we go.

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Uncategorized / September 29 2009 6:05 PM

RANDOM: T-Shirts Made From Money?

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RANDOM: T Shirts Made From Money? I thought I was somewhat of a glutton until I stumbled upon Money Laundry, a company that spins their own thread out of United States Currency. Utilizing anywhere from $1 to $100 bills, each t-shirt is averaged to have about $22.56 stitched into the shirt itself. The shirts aren’t really anything spectacular and I certainly wouldn’t pay $70 for such a basic item, but the concept of money thread is quite innovative!

Check out Money Laundry here!

Thanks Coco Perez!

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