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Bizarro Celebrities from the Midwest of Doom!

You ever wonder what celebrities would look like if they were normal people? Yeah, me neither, but luckily someone did and here are the benefits of their hard work. Ladies and ladies, say hello to Celebrities from the Midwest!

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Tara Reid Still Working On That Comeback

Styled by Jill

At one point earlier this year there were grumblings of Tara Reid looking better and getting ready for a comeback, no doubt started by Reid herself but seemingly supported by pictures of the actress looking not terrible. While we will graciously refrain from trying to figure out what exactly she would be coming back to – her peak was “American Pie,” after all – we will simply assume that the little goal was put on the backburner for a while. Read the rest…

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Heidi Montag Beware! This Could Happen to You!

This could be Tara Reid or Rachel Zoe…it’s actually Donatella Versace…or all the above!

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WTF?!?! Tara Reid Took Her Clothes Off

The above is Tara Reid in the new issue of Playboy (you can see the NSFW images here), and the below photo is obviously what she really looks like. So WTF?!?!

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IN CASE YOU CARE: Tara Reid Does Playboy

Last time I checked Tara was missing a set of boobs!

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THE TEN: Most Embarassing Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Styled by Hillary Frazier

I love seeing old photos of celebrities..especially when they’ve changed this much!! Prepare to laugh…

1. Lil Jon

2. Ryan Seacrest

3. Kate Gosselin (not sure which is worse)

4. Snoop Dogg

5. Tara Reid

6. Eminem

7. Renee Zellweger

8. Avril Lavigne

9. Mariah Carey

10. Lady Gaga. WHOA.

I hope I don’t look back at my yearbook in 10 years and feel this way…

LINK LOVE: Buzzfeed

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This One is For the Boys!

Random gallery of celebrities wearing see through clothing, some good some not soo good! Read the rest…

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Lindsay Lohan Manages to Get a Job. Finally Makes Payment on Mortgage.

Styled by Saynt

Lohan must be living check by check these days cause she’s making some seriously shitastic career decisions. Case in point, this ad for Fornarina. Apparently it’s the Italian answer to Strawberry’s or Mandees. Either way, it just confirms one thing, Lindsay is mearly one more shitty commercial away from porn. I wonder if she cried inside the day she shot this, realizing that all those days of hard partying, snorting and rehab hae finally lead to her careers destruction and that’s she’s just about as useless as Tara Reid. Scratch that, Tara Reid can actually get hired in Hollywood

LINKAGE: Click. Flash. Wow. Trash. Coke. Caca. FAIL.

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Sneak Peak: Mantra by Tara Reid

Almost worse than her hair extensions, is this collection of I don’t even know what to call it, cuz al I see is bikini tops and tee shirts with beads (I know she’s trying to rock this as a dress but her ass is showing). And what are those beads hanging off her back? They look like friendship bracelets from way back when friends meant something. She should stick to what she does best, plastic surgery.

Thanks Superficial for the great pics

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Tara Reid Designs Clothes With A Purpose

Tara’s Mantra line of fashions features designs decorated with trinkets, charms, and beads in eight vibrant colors meant to inspire emotions.

“It’s about putting into the universe what you want in life: Red means love, pink is friendship, green is lucky, black is protection,” says Tara, who describes herself as a charm bracelet aficionado. “You’re gonna have a story when you wear this bikini or when you put this dress on: You’ll either get love or meet a new friend or you might meet a guy.”

Tara hopes Mantra, with items priced between $65-$180, will be picked up by a major department store and available for purchase by early next year.

“I feel like I’m in a really great place in my life, and I love what I’m doing. I love acting but I can’t hire myself. If this works, then we’re in business. If not, I tried.”

Can’t believe that a celeb that barely wears clothes, is attempting to design clothes…

Thanks PopCrunch

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