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‘For The Love Of Marc Jacobs’ Event by Fashionindie Covered by ideeli

For The Love Of Marc Jacobs Event by Fashionindie Covered by ideeli fashion

Just wanted to let you all know that the ideeli blog covered the “For The Love Of Marc Jacobs” event held at The Gates.

Are you a member of yet? Join today, or tomorrow, or…well, you know what I mean.

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LAST NIGHT’S PARTY(S): Rad Hourani, Rose Bar, The Gates, Tenjune, The Griffin, And Mickey Rourke!

You all know after my millions of mentionings about the Rad Hourani event at the SoHo Grand Hotel last night that we were there, but here’s all of the juicy details and crazy stories from the night, because you know it isn’t a Fashion Indie night if there isn’t a story!

Picture 11

Corey and I started out in SoHo around 7, and ran into his friend Marilynn at the Grand.  After a few pink cocktails and a conversation with Kelly Cutrone about her selected footwear for workouts (cowboy boots),  we sorted out our itinerary for the rest of the night, hopped in a cab and headed to Rose Bar.  Apparently you can’t get in to Rose Bar without a reservation at the hotel after 9PM, and this was 9:30. Not a big deal considering the amount of places we knew for the night, so we headed to the Gates where our friends at Red Hot PR were hosting a party. I was told “it’s someone’s birthday party and then there’s some fashion party afterwards”…fashion? We’re in.

Picture 12Hello ! Nole made an appearance at the Gates last night (with his mother), and couldn’t stop staring at Corey, crush maybe? Or maybe he was considering a Corey finger puppet.  When the open bar ended, we’d met all sorts of people, and I had done my good deed by escorting in a guy on the street (only because the line was really long and he knew who was and that he was inside, this is someone that I want at a fashion party!), we headed over to Griffin. Who’s that we see?!

Picture 10Mickey Rourke! And yes, he really does look like that in person.  Apparently Marilynn already knew the Mckster, and he told us he was going to the Griffin too, just not right then. We headed down to Tenjune, and apparently I look 12 so they didn’t want to let me in. Hi, I’m 21 not 12 Tenjune, and let me just tell you that all of those old men that are in there? They’d love me. I’ll get to that more later.  

Picture 13

So after being at Tenjune for a whole five minutes, we’d had more than we could stand and headed back towards Griffin and found ourselves at the center of the club, inches away from Mikey Rourke. Drinks were flowing, but not that heavily, we promise mom, and the live band was playing some good salsa music (I’ll have to get the photos from Marilynn of us dancing on the table in the middle of the club? haha), and then the night went down hill. Naturally, Mikey Rourke wouldn’t go out alone, he’d bring his manager and/or body guard to party alongside him and ‘pick up the slack,’ if you catch my drift. And that’s what they did.


A middle-aged man, maybe the same age as my dad, told me that he wanted to kidnap me…no, correction, he was GOING to kidnap me. Dude, I know I look 12, but I’m not a kid, you can’t kid-nap me. Luckily, we were inside of a loud, crowded club and it was easy to get lost in translation, so I went to my friends so they could save the day, and must’ve scared off the man three times my size and over twice my age. Well, almost. He found Marilynn and kidnapped her.

Round two, outside of the Griffin. 47-year-old man with a grey shag hairdo pins 21-year-old barely 5′0 and less than 100 lb girl in a corner. Am I supposed to think you’re cool because you manage Mickey Rourke, are just as old, and just as unattractive as he is? No, I don’t want to hook up with you. Ever. I’d rather throw up on myself. Somehow managed to run away, find Corey and say “we have to get out of here, NOW.” Problem is, where is Marilynn? “oh, she must be at the apartment,” says creepy old man. An hour or so later we finally save Marilynn, and walk to the train to go home (seeing as well all have to work in the morning). 5am, after falling asleep twice on the train and missing my stop, I decided to take a cab home, then slept on my futon using a towel as a blanket. 


Moral of the story: Stay away from old men.


Quotable: “Where the fuck are you?! You’re just going to leave without saying goodbye?” -Creepy Manager

Synopsis: Corey and I are very tired today, but promise to keep you entertained with our nightlife escapades this weekend!

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Kirby July 23 at 10:45 | Comments

TUESDAY NIGHTS PARTY: For The Love Of Marc fashion

Tuesday night, over 120 of Marc Jacobs’ biggest fans showed up at The Gates to spread their love for Mr. Jacobs and Fashion Indie. Guests dressed in their favorite Marc inspired garb, sipped Marc by Marc-tinis and had their makeup done like the models of Marc’s Fall 2009 runway show. Although the rumors of Marc’s guest appearance were merely rumors, the New York Post showed up to snap some photos and document our little Marc appreciation shindig. Stay tuned for our next party, For The Love Of Kate…yes, Kate Moss! Everyone get your Topshop outfits ready!


All photos courtesy of Guerre at Swagger 360.



EVENT: I <3 Fashion Indie

Kirby July 14 at 2:45 | Comments

Picture 1Here are a bunch of photos from the I <3 Fashion Indie event on June 24th at The Gates. All photos courtesy of Guerre of


GALLERY: EVENT: I <3 Fashion Indie


Check out Guerre’s blog here!



LAST NIGHT’S PARTY: Lipgloss, High Heels and Poise

Kirby July 10 at 12:58 | Comments
Picture 1

Karen Robinovitz and

LAST NIGHTS PARTY: Lipgloss, High Heels and Poise  fashion

Most fashion events leave you with a handful of new acquaintances, a stack of useless business cards and a seemingly incurable hangover. Leave it up to the ladies at to turn the tables and supply me with a newfound obsession in beauty products, the grace needed to light up a room, the ability to walk like a supermodel and some great new friends! Yesterday evening, I got in touch with my feminine side by trading in my harem pants and boyfriend blazer for some Coach stilettos and a slinky dress and joining in on all the beauty talk. 

is one of the newest and most innovative beauty lines on the market, staying on top of trends while providing women with dual-action products and a message of female empowerment. As the brainchild of  fashion and beauty Renaissance woman, Karen Robinovitz, who knows the industry, inside and out, hit shelves in May 2009 with six of the best lip-glosses I’ve had the pleasure of trying. With adorable names like “Red Sole,” inspired by the soles of Christian Louboutin heels, and “Worship Kate,” Kate Moss that is, the glosses are equipped with stunning color, lip plumper and an array of bonuses like soothing lemon peel or Hoodia, the appetite suppressant. is projected to launch a line of skin-care products as well as other types of makeup in the near future. 

Following their motto of female confidence and pride, the ladies at brought in supermodel runway coach, , to teach us how to be the envy of all the social gatherings and walk like a supermodel. After throwing my shoulders back, sticking my chest out and owning my personality, Drew flattered me and complimented me on my Erin Wasson-esque, quirky walk! While all the ladies looked fierce stomping down our makeshift runway at The Gates, I must say, Karen, at a mere 5′2″, had the presence of Gisele! 

Sound fun? Well you don’t have to be name in the fashion/beauty scene to join in on it! is all about their customers, so if you show an interest in the company, you can expect an invite to ’s next event, or better, a Tweet-Up session at Karen’s apartment! I might not be the biggest makeup/ beauty guru out there, but is one brand you need in your purse at all times!

Stay tuned for videos from the event as well as giveaways! 


products can be found at a variety of stores like Scoop, Fred Segal, Bliss, C.O. Bigelow and online at


Check out here

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Sinners & Saynt: The Gates, The Se7en, and The Fashion Picnic

Sinners & Saynt: The Gates, The Se7en, and The Fashion Picnic fashion

I’ve been MIA lately, trying to make moves, and get the status it truly deserves. Between meetings at ZINK Magazine, Mann Publications and with investors it’s been a serious amount of hustle (hustle, hustle real hard). Things seem to be shaping out and it looks that we will have a couple major partnerships to announce in May, including one which will supply our rag tag bunch of bloggers with a fairly large office space!!! We’ve been desperate for one for the past three months since leaving our Brooklyn spot, moving to the Bronx and opening up a smaller, easier to manage hub in NoHo.

Yesterday, I walked through this new night spot in Manhattan, The Gates. The space looks like the Biltmore Hotel cause it basically is the Biltmore Hotel. Some collector dude bought all the fixtures inside the Bilmore when it was purchased by Trump back in the day. He took the original marble, fixtures and beautiful wrought iron gates and used them to create a hyper-exclusive club (makes sense). Anyways, I’m in love with the space and am currently talking with the owners and the lovelies at Think PR about booking the spot for a monthly party, an event we’ve been developing for some time called The Se7en, which is being dubbed the after party, that happens monthly. We’re thinking dancers, designers, models, stylist, photographers, and lots and lots of action from 7PM – 10PM. It’s our first real attempt at a monthly party since Secret Runway and we’re pretty flipping excited about it. 

If you haven’t signed on to join The Se7en, do so now. Only people on the list will be invited in and we’re only leaving the door open for a limited time, so be there early. There will be $7 cocktails, 7 minute open bars, and a little room we like to call se7en minutes in heaven (though you’re gonna have some trouble finding it). We’re inviting a select list of influencers, party folk, and celebrities to make the first event truly killer, though we have a strict no step-and-repeat policy, we’re not trying to get in with McMullen like other desperates. 

On to more immediate pleasures, tomorrow it’s gonna be 85 degrees in the city and we’ve decided to have a little fashion picnic in Central Park. A bunch of our writers and friendlies will be on hand as we parade into the park to drink, eat and be merry. We’ll be at the Plaza Hotel at 1PM so if you’re looking for a bunch of fashion types to attach to, be there and join us. 

That’s all for now, I’ll let you know about other things as they develop.

Hugs and Disses,

Daniel Saynt

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