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Rachel Zoe’s Chic Prego Street Style

Styled by Nicole Vardo

What would you expect from Zoe other than perfection while out shopping at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills on December 11, 2010. All black, all chic… we love.

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NEWS: Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski are Getting a Divorce

Styled by Amanda Gabriele

This is BA-NA-NAS. Brad Goreski is parting ways with Rachel Zoe so he has a chance to “spread his wings.” Apparently, there is no bad blood between the two.

“We couldn’t stop hugging and we couldn’t stop crying,” Zoe says. “He did this with such class and elegance. And I get it. I just told him, ‘I’m here for you always.’”

I wonder if we’ll meet some new characters on The Rachel Zoe Project next season. Perhaps a baby!?

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JUST IN: Rachel Zoe + Brad Goreski fashionably break up

Styled by The Fashion Web

Image courtesy of People StyleWatch “Bananas!” Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe and her bow-tie clad assistant Brad Goreski have sadly decided to go their separate ways, effective Oct. 1. “I love Rachel and she’s taught me everything I know,” Goreski, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “But there’s a point where either …
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VIDEO: Rachel Zoe Takes On The Zoeinator [@popsugar]

The major reasons that I watch The Rachel Zoe Project are to feed my unhealthy love for Brad Goreski and to hear my favorite Zoeisms.  In this video Rachel Zoe hilariously takes on her robot impersonator while poking fun at her on screen persona. I DIED watching it. Keep reading…

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HOMBRE: Who Knew Brad Goreski Had Such An Amazing Bod

The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo is an amazing show. I mean there’s a lot of fashion, furs, and of course Rachel. I won’t lie,  another huge reason I watch the show is for Rachel’s loyal sidekick,  Brad Goreski. He’s super cute and super stylish. (What’s not to love?) He and Rachel recently did a photo shoot with Terry Richardson, in which Brad shows off his goods. Keep reading for the rest of the pictures… Read the rest…

Is Rachel Zoe Attempting to Blacklist Taylor?

Styled by Saynt

Word on the digital streets is that Rachel Zoe went ballistic after Taylor escaped her clutches in the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project. According to reports, the malnourished stylist feels she should have had the chance to fire Taylor. Rachel, you could have just asked for a re-edit when Bravo sent you the episode script. Quitchabitchin.

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IN CASE YOU CARE: Rachel Zoe has a New Assistant

Styled by Saynt

Plus, there’s a new season coming. Guess we should be excited. I’m more like eh.


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The Rachel Zoe Project: Back for Season 3

If you missed her protruding clavicle bones and Starbucks-stimulated exclamations (“Bananas!” “I die!”) as much as I have, you’ll be excited to learn that Bravo TV’s The Rachel Zoe Project will be back for a third season later this year. Read the rest…

TWITS: Rachel Zoe and Bethenny Frankel Drama!

Styled by Hillary Frazier

LOL. I love when semi-celebrities start internet wars with each other about non-important things. RZ is right, seems like this housewife really is desperate instead of ‘real’

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Zoe’s in for Round Two?

We haven’t spoken too much about The Rachel Zoe Project, but word has it that the relatively “concise” season is coming to a close. No one is quite sure if the show, which airs on Bravo, will be coming back for a dose of season two, but Zoe sure would like to take the offer-

“Nothing’s official, but if Bravo asks, I’d love to. I can take it!”

Not only has the show sparked quite a bit of judgment, but quite a bit of anger as well. Speaking of Zoe and her “ludicrous” antics, a New York Times critic has spoken.

She’s “a pox on humanity.” Going on she speaks of her “mad consumption ,” which is “downright unseemly.”

Not sure what would happen if the show did return. I’m guessing at least a few more reviews like this are inevitable.

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‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ Recap

Did anyone watch The Rachel Zoe Project preview episode on Bravo Monday? Her closet flooded, destroying tens of thousands of dollars in designer gowns. And, her assistants went NUTS. SOOO funny!

Bravo has cut two of the best scenes from the show…

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