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NEWS / May 9 2012 5:14 PM

Queen Elizabeth II — Her Royal Fierceness, Vidal Sassoon Goes to the Big Salon in the Sky and Kim Kardashian Allegedly Banned from the Met Ball

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- While her high-profile, high-drama courtroom saga is now over, we can finally reflect on what really mattered during the Linda Evangelista child support trial: her FAAAAAABULOUS wardrobe. [NYT]

Jourdan Dunn will be cooking with Hov. The Brit beauty tweeted that she’ll be appearing on Jay-Z‘s website, Life and Times – never heard of it till now — where she’ll be doing a cooking segment. [Modelinia]

- Kate Middleton who? For the State Opening of Parliament this morning, Queen Elizabeth II showed the Duchess of Cambridge how to royally turn it. Everyone else, just drink it in. This is what amazing looks like. [Styleite]

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CELEBRITY, CULTURE / April 17 2012 10:13 AM

10 Greenest Style Icons

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Too often we judge people by the color of their gowns, and not the content of their character. Aside from acting, or modeling or baby-birding their children, stars today have a cadre of causes near and dear to their famous hearts. As our month of eco awareness rolls along the river, we highlight some fabulous women who are doing their part — and then some — to preserve nature. These ten ladies prove you can help the environment and still look damn good doing it.

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CULTURE, FASHION / January 25 2012 1:02 PM

The Simpsons Love Our Fashion Industry Favorites

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aleXsandro Palombo never fails to tickle us with his creative, tongue-in-cheek illustrations of fashion industry heavyweights, but we are particularly excited about his latest works of art. When we saw these Simpsons caricatures of people like Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington and Coco Chanel, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud and reminisce about America’s favorite animated family. Click to see all the brilliant works.

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FASHION / May 3 2011 4:28 PM

The 10 Worst-Dressed Designers

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You would expect a  dentist to have healthy teeth, a math teacher to be able to do long division and a police officer to follow the law, wouldn’t you? So why are some designers so gosh darn sartorially-challenged? Though they may make beautiful clothing for a living, some of fashion’s greatest designers have some of the worst personal style. Just because they have a great eye for detail doesn’t mean they use that eye when getting ready in the morning, so here’s a spiteful list of 10 designers who could probably do well by rifling through their collections rather than their closets.

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Uncategorized / August 20 2009 5:53 PM

ADDICT: The Simpsons ‘Black Up’

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ADDICT: The Simpsons Black Up

The Simpsons have ‘blacked up’ for a new advertising campaign.

The family was given the makeover by an Angolan advertising agency to promote the series on the satellite service DStv.

As well as the darker skin, Lisa and Maggie’s hair has been braided, the whole family’s clothes have been changed for more typical African garb – while the picture of the boat that traditionally hangs over their sofa has been replaced by a savannah landscape.

Via chortle

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