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INTERVIEW Lady Starlight; Rock n Roll DJ, Out Of Context Enthusiast

Styled by Saynt

Lady Starlight has been on the New York music scene for years, but recently made headlines for her less than discrete attempts at Lady Gaga’s disco stick (not really sure if that’s being used in the right context). We sat with the musical mama and talked fetish wear and the mainstreaming of Gaga.

FI: Out of context fashion is becoming a growing trend amongst the fashion set with fetish wear and extreme fashion pieces making the red carpet. Where should the line be drawn or do you feel we should just let our fashion freak fly free no matter the situation?

LS:  It’s always held the opinion that the more inappropriate the outfit, the better. A clear line cannot be drawn, there are unlimited situations that may call for any number of out of context garments…

FI:Lady Gaga, who I’m assuming is a friend, is blowing up on the music scene for her over the top style, do you see her look hitting the mainstream? And if it does, will Gaga go basic?

LS: I would love it if GaGa’s look hit the mainstream. However, I don’t think people could walk down the street in most of her looks…and I’m not referring to possible harassment, I mean physically walk down the street!
Maybe GaGa would go naked if her fashion became mainstream.

FI: Give me 3 Words to Describe “Justin Tranter”

LS: Spray, On, Foundation

THE TEN Most “Unacceptable” Fashion Choice (aka The Things You Should Probably Wear)

Styled by Saynt

Where most people see fashion faux pas, Justin Tranter sees opportunity. Out of place fashion, seeing lightsabers on the red carpet or wearing head to two animal print and glitter at a Bar Mitzvah, is a growing theme in his style evolution.

Check out The Ten “Unacceptable” Fashion Choices from a man who finds them just irresistible.

10. Sequined Jumpsuit - A few of these hit the runway of YSL last season and since they have been getting a lot of negative attention from tabloid mags looking for fashion failures. I think they are worth their weight in shining, shimmering appliques.

9. Fencing Attire – Looking like you’re ready for battle shouldn’t require camouflage gear and cargo pockets. Take your militant look up a notch and be prepped for a little poke.

8. 4 to 6 inch Heels on the Subway - Only the brave deserve to be featured on the digital pages of NYC style blogs and what better way to reach them than their preferred means of transportation, the MTA Subway System. Just hold on tight and make sure to report all suspicious packages, especially those from gawking passengers.

7. Gold Spandex – She might look ridiculous, but this bitch is going home with your boyfriend tonight, fucking his brains beyond recognition, and possibly laying eggs in his urethra. Watch your back cause anyone capable of attempting this look is also capable of shanking your ass with a sharpened microphone stand. Just warning you, from my own experiences of course.

6. Wolford Pantyhose as Pants – Leggings are for losers. Upgrade and slip into the sexy sheer bind of pantyhose.

5. Full Makeup to Brunch – There’s a reason it starts so late in the day, so you can have a couple of hours to properly apply your gloss and glamour. Do it and your guaranteed to look a thousand times better than the heffers who hit up Buttermilk Channel in wrinked tees and the New York Times.

4. Teenage Lesbian inspired 90′s Fashion - Jessie Spano quickly comes to mind.

3. Men in Knee Length Skirts – Marc Jacobs quickly comes to mind.

2. Looney Tunes – Lola Bunny. Capable of making anyone’s carrot stick thumper.

1. A Mask of Your Own Face – Definitely hitting a 10 on my creep-o-meter but I can totally see this picking up steam amongst the self absorbed. So basically all of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn .

INTERVIEW LaQuan Smith; Stylist, Designer, Professional Model Walker

Styled by Saynt

As part of Justin Tranter’s spot as guest editor of, we interviewed a few of his closest friends and confidants on New York City style, their passions in fashion and of course their thoughts on Justin.  LaQuan Smith, a 20-year-old stylist/fashion designer with a rising number of calaber clients and the amazing ability to create looks that satisfy the Semi Precious Weapons front man’s ever evolving style. The Queens native gave us the 411 on his most covetable pair of footwear, teaching the boys how to strut in heels, and three workds he’d use to describe Justin Tranter.

FI: Imagine you’re a nobody New Yorker looking to turn some heads. Which “It” shoe do you wear and why?

LS: The “IT” shoe I’d wear would be the Nina Ricci platforms (No-Heel 9inch platform, see in attached file). The only reason I’d wear these is to change everyone’s life. That’s exactly how momental they are!

FI: In one sentence, teach the male population how to walk in heels.

LS: Utilize your strength with amazing posture while glidding softly with a touch of storm!

FI: Give me 3 Words to Describe “Justin Tranter”

LS: Sexually Rock & Roll

As an added peak into the faboulous friends of Justin Tranter, check out these spectacular leggings designed by LaQuan Smith and worn by Justin Tranter on stage at Semi Precious Weapon concerts throughout the world. They are truely rock glam chic and are available only by special request.

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THE TAKEOVER: Semi Precious Weapons Music Video For ‘Semi Precious Weapons’

Styled by Hillary Frazier

Here’s the music video for their self-titled song off of their debut album ‘We Love You.’ Justin Trater is looking fierce! (And yes, that is Raquel Reed).

Via Myspace

INTERVIEW Jimmy Knehans; Model, Harvard Grad, Men in Skirt Enthusiast

Styled by Saynt

He might look like a clean cut Harvard graduate, but Jimmy Knehans is one of Nous Model Management’s fiercest and buff-est male models. His pretty face and pulsating pectorals have graced the pages of fashion mags as one of Nous most lovely of lovelies. Here he shares a little bit on his personal style and why the boys don’t always have to be boys.

FI: Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne have been making headlines with their take on men’s skirts. Are you a fan and is it a look you think you could pull off?

JK: Marc and Thom are two designers I respect a great deal.. Generally, I am a huge fan of both of them, but to speak specifically about men’s skirts, I love them. It is a look I’ve been pulling off daily for the past few months and one I will continue to rock until they sell men’s skirts at GAP…then I’ll have to re-assess the situation…

FI: The lines between men’s and women’s fashion has hit a crossroads in which more women are picking up more suiting and boyfriend jeans while more men are going glam with make-up and feminine stylings (leggings, deep v-necks, heels). As a fairly masculine model, is there anything you couldn’t ever seeing yourself wearing?

JK: I suggest we come up with a new term to describe what is happening today, “glam” was its own thing and what is happening now is something completely different. The traditionally “feminine stylings” you mentioned (leggings, deep v-necks, heels) can and are worn in a very masculine way, but it depends on who puts it on. As a “fairly masculine model,” I would like to say that there is nothing I wouldn’t wear due to the fact that “those could be girls clothes.” I choose clothes that make me feel good, as should everyone. Having said all that, there are no limits to what I may or may not feel good in at any time. I don’t see myself throwing on a pair of 5 inch pumps but i could surprise myself…

FI: Give me 3 Words to Describe “Justin Tranter”

JK: First I would like to say that limiting me to three words to describe such a wonder as Justin Tranter is evil and I couldn’t be more into it so here it goes…LOVE, DANGER, INSPIRING, AUTHENTIC, ALARM CLOCK…ok 6…

Now for your viewing pleasure. Some more picks of Jimmy Knehans.

EDITORS LETTER Justin Tranter; Semi Precious Weapon, Glamarazzi, The Next Great Sing

Styled by Saynt

I’m Justin Tranter. I was born in the suburbs, raised by the city and at twenty-something I willed myself pretty. Call the cops, bolt the locks, put the kids in the basement, cover the women’s faces, except for mine. Call me on a Monday, meet me on a Tuesday, Wednesday lick my face, Thursday naked, Friday naked, Saturday celebrate. It’s all good sweetie cus no ones ever bald in a wig. You could fuck yourself skinny or dance it all off at my gig.

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