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Inter-Views of Fashion: Theatre de la Mode

Half conceptual art project, half avant-garde fashion, the newly formed “artisan fashion label” Theatre de la Mode presented its debut autumn/winter ‘08 collection at London Fashion Week—but not in the way you’d expect. Instead of planning a costly runway show, Theatre de la Mode presented its designs via an installation of “nanoscaled” woodland creatures. We sat down with founders Chris Kelly and Sara Flamm (above) to talk about their unorthodox miniature mannequins, the challenges of creating super-tiny fashion pieces and their post-WWII inspirations.

What’s the significance of the name Theatre de la Mode?

Chris Kelly: The label name was chosen initially for its direct link with the WWII Paris trend of “Theatre de la Mode.” This movement inspired us to take on the “theatre of fashion” stance as our label’s concept. Our debut nanoscaled collection was only the beginning for the theatrical presentation of future ranges. Theatre de la Mode was the perfect fit


Why present your debut collection, Willows, on nanoscale mannequins that resemble animals?

Sara Flamm: Our decision to present Willows as a scaled collection was one of fascination for the miniature. We love to take on a challenge and miniature was the perfect concept. With a miniature budget to work with this was the ideal way to present to the people.

CK: Both being kids from the countryside, for us it was an almost natural progression to take inspiration from British heritage animals. The woodland creatures we created each became the character and muses for the range. Each animal was deeply researched so as to develop a mood for each of the mannequins; an understanding of color, fabrication and embellishment was all established. Each animal was then in turn adorned in the outfit that best reflected its character.

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