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Videography: Whitney Houston

Though she ‘s now belting in that great sold out concert hall in the sky, Whitney Houston left behind a catalog of classic tunes that redefined what it means to sang. Visually, her model good looks were a hit with the MTV crowd and as a result Whitney was a huge crossover success — picking up the torch passed to her by godmother and Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Throughout the 90s Whitney made a series of comebacks, effectively earning her diva stripes and also some of the biggest hits of her career. Her output was more erratic in the 00s, but she at least had one last hit with the Alicia Keys-penned “Million Dollar Bill.” While we may mourn Whitney Houston’s untimely death,  we’ll continue to dance, emphatically point and lip-sync for our lives to her timeless music. 

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SCENTS | June 14

10 Sexy Summer Scents We Love

Summer heat is notorious for inducing our good ol’ friend Eau de B.O. We promote so fresh and so clean clean here at FashionIndie, so we’ve taken responsibility for finding the best scents to fill your nose this summer. Here are our 10 favorite fragrances to keep you smelling beautiful all season long.

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Fragrance Foundation Fêtes Fifi Finalists

It’s that time again, kids! Time for the only awards presentation of any merit, the Fifis. Celebrating the best in perfumes, colognes, eau de toilettes, body sprays and pretty much anything that covers up the smell of failure and/or shame, this year’s nominees naturally include a number of celebrity vanity fragrances such as Beyoncé‘s “Pulse” and Justin Bieber‘s “Someday,” both finalists in the Luxe Women category. While Bey may have the biological advantage, if you ask me there’s no woman more luxe than the Biebs.

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Mugler Super Man Fall 2012 Takes Paris

It’s the SuperTailor look. You know, the kind of tailoring made out of superhero materials like neoprene, rubberized cotton, jacquard… okay that last one was more for the Marie Antoinette type, but she was a cake eating hero, too. Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer put out a collection of modern party-after-businessman looks for Mugler Fall 2012. It’s not as wild as the typical Thierry, but the textures carry historical silhouettes into overtime. 

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CULTURE CLUB | January 10

Set Phasers on Stunning: The 10 Hottest Robots of All-Time

It’s officially the future, but color us disappointed. We’ve got a black president, handheld computers and weapons of mass destruction, but what about what else was promised to us by sci-fi films and Saturday morning cartoons. We see nary a flying car. But more importantly, where are the robots, the androids and the bionic men and women? On the one hand, they’re the harbingers of humankind’s downfall. But on the other, they’re the sexy, sentient superbeings here to fulfill our every desire. A good idea in theory, but amazingly creepy in practice.  These robots, however, keep our hope of a future rife with robosexual adventure alive and mechanically kicking. 

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FASHIONVILLE | December 27

Daily Designer: Sunjoo Moon, Of Two Minds

Of Two Minds is of a million worlds. While the collection seems all California living, it comes from Sunjoo Moon‘s total experience of working with Missoni for 5 years, with Azzedine Alaïa out of his house, for Thierry Mugler, being besties with Isabel Marant and whatever else the world has thrown her way. The collection ranges on desert sands and the prints are borne intricately subtle. It’s all the cool girl chic you could want for your when your East Coast and West Coast minds live as one.

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FIT Celebrates “The Great Designers” in Two-Part Exhibit

For its ambitious, year-long, two-part exhibit  “The Great Designers, Parts One and Two,  the Museum at FIT went about acquiring some never-before-seen items to add to its already extensive permanent collection of 50,000 garments and accessories. 50 pieces, organized alphabetically by designer, will be displayed per exhibit;  from iconic brands like Christian Dior, Chanel, and Givenchy to young, avant-garde designers like Boudicca and Gareth Pugh. Part One, which opened yesterday, runs through May 8, followed shortly by Part Two, opening on May 23. 

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