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Older stories

Thrifting Tips from Industry Insiders at Fashion for Action

Last night, the Housing Works Fashion For Action shopping gala in Chelsea was not deterred by the snowstorm. Fashion insiders shopped donated designer goods at up to 80% off to raise money to help those suffering from AIDS and HIV, and also victims of Hurricane Sandy. I chatted up some notable hosts and shoppers like stylist/vintage blogger Natalie Joos, Talk Stoop’s Cat Greenleaf, designer Derek Fabulous and Patricia Clarkson about their vintage secrets. And you can shop these designer deals all weekend long at the Chelsea Housing Works

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The Biggest Vintage Junkee in Reno

There’s a massive thrift Junkee, a short ways off the main strip of Reno. Set apart from the ramshackle gambling of the poor man’s Atlantic City is a cavernous trove of vintage, antiques, and killer thrift, and has been termed the Last Stop Before Burning Man. So if you find yourself in Reno, ditch the strip and make it to Midtown for a community that’s ousting its dingy dives for small artsy shops.

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Thrifting and Drifting into Santa Fe Kowboyz Territory

Out in the wild wild southwestern Santa Fe, I touched my Native American roots (blood-wise, I have none) while technically trespassing onto an Indian Reservation in the middle of the night (true story).  Having survived (we lost one), I traipsed back into Kowboyz territory and got myself a shiny new (old) pair of cowboy boots, and a skirt for side saddling into the sunset. And well whadaya know, folks like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Elton John and Madonna have all done traipsed in this here establishment before me. 

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Austin City Slick Sixth Streetstyle

Fashion is rising in the streets of the fastest growing city in America: Austin, Texas. This rare breed of Texans thrive on thrift, fresh brews, food trucks and live music, and those who have embraced it all embody a chill sense of cool. Austin feels like what Brooklyn could be if it only had the sprawling space and year-round temperate climate. And the best graphic design/sign makers in the country. See what they’re wearing down on the super hopping 6th Street, and then out at the local farmer’s market. 

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Miami Vice: Finding Galliano, Out of the Closet

Miami. Some go to laze on the beach. I go to dig through everyone’s second hand. Alright fine, it was raining! You got me. But I’m glad this indie roadtrip led me away from the shore, because I found some of my new favorite things, a Christian Dior jacket I (and John Galliano) died for, and the best of vintage in Miami. Check the coolest down low thrift, and the finest consignment high. 

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