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You’re Here, You’re Queer, Get Into It: Picking the Perfect Coming Out-fit

Today is October 11th, better known as National Coming Out Day — the day when all excuses for “drunken” late night hook-ups, all half-hearted reasoning behind “accidental” brushes against the thigh and innumerable piles of carefully hidden porn come tumbling out of the closet. After all, it’s 2011 and being gay is okay. You can kind of get married — if you live in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire or Washington D.C. — and you can openly serve in the military — as if you would either way — so what’s not to be proud of? And sure, being gay’s not all is cracked up to be — it really doesn’t get that much better — but it’s still better than living a lie that no one nor their mother is buying. So go head, Mary, wave that rainbow flag and blast your Lady Gaga ’cause lady you were born this gay.

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Uncategorized | December 4

Paris Hilton Shoots For A Role That Isn’t Porn

Paris Hilton Shoots For A Role That Isnt Porn

According to Page Six, Paris Hilton is lobbying for her chance to play Tinkerbell in Disney’s live action version of Tinkerbell. This will be the first movie Paris could potentially be a part of where she wears more than a bikini, doesn’t play a dumb blond and isn’t deep-throating Rick Solomon’s cock. Paris, if Miley Cyrus taking cellphone pictures of herself in her underwear has Disney bleeding from their corporate cunts, there is no chance in hell your jizz infested ass is getting this role, stick to porn.

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Uncategorized | October 3

Indies to Watch: Tanya Dziahileva

Indies to Watch: Tanya DziahilevaIndies to Watch: Tanya DziahilevaIndies to Watch: Tanya Dziahileva

So, you’ve all probably been wondering who the twiggy, elfish, almost alien like blonde chick taking over runways and editorials everywhere is. Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Tanya Dziahileva, the 17-year-old Ukrainian and Polish-Belarussian  hot commodity. 

I actually had the opportunity to meet Ms. D at the International Model and Talent Association in 2006. At that time, she was recently picked up by IMG models and her career was just beginning, a runway show here and an fashion ad there. But now, you can’t even touch the teenage top model. Ms. D has walked in over 100 shows, including the coveted position as opener for Rag & Bone and closer for Miss Sixty. From New York to Paris and Milan, Ms. D has modeled for nearly every top designer. And snagging a spot on the cover of Russian Vogue ain’t half bad for a girl who hasn’t even hit college yet. 

She might look like Tinkerbell, but her youthful, edgy look has got designers everywhere craving more, more, more!

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