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Carrie Bradshaw’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie

V-day is nearly upon us, and with it, a swooning deluge of NYC women with Sex and the City dreams. In honor of the holiday of love, I make my way to Nordstrom to find some intimates worthy of my own Mr.Big and get down to what made Carrie Bradshaw the quintessential cheeky coquette by rummaging through her underwear drawer.

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Harper’s “Bazaar” Attempt to Make Me Spend Money

It’s hard for a hardened fashionite to admit love to a single publication, being that there are sooo many options, and no mere mortal has the time, or the bank account, to purchase and privy all the amazing editorials produced each month in lesser known titles like Acne Paper or Purple Mag, which is why it’s refreshing for me to be able to admit that Harper’s is my hands down, favorite big box, kind of the equivalent of Walmart to Dazed & Confused‘s mom & pop, fashion glossy.

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13 Designers Give Us the Details on their First Time

… in Vogue.

The Fashion Bible“, as many would call it, has helped discover and support the careers of some of the industry’s greatest artists. In celebration of my first day back at Indie, I take a  look back through the Vogue Archives to get the deets on when some of my favorite designers were first immortalized by the magazine’s glossy pages.

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FASHIONVILLE | November 14

Teddy Bear Gets A High Fashion Makeover for Charity

Following the success of The Designer Pudsey 2011 Collection, a 30-piece collection of “Pudsey” bears curated by LOVE Magazine’s Katie Grand is to be auctioned off to benefit the charity Children in Need. Flip through the designer teddy bears created by Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Prada, Burberry, and more after the jump. 

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Anna Wintour to Host More Obscenely Expensive Obama Dinners During London and Paris Fashion Week

Remember back when editrix in chief Anna Wintour hosted that Barack Obama fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house and sold tickets for 40 grand a pop? Well the queen of multi-tasking has decided to throw a couple more while she is abroad during London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. The kicker is they’re still too expensive for us to go. 

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