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RANDOM: Designer Clutch Totes

Kirby July 22 at 2:56 | Comments

RANDOM: Designer Clutch Totes  fashionRANDOM: Designer Clutch Totes  fashionRANDOM: Designer Clutch Totes  fashion

What if I told you rocking a designer clutch could be done for as little as $80? They might not be quilted lambskin or alligator leather, but Oonagh O’Hagen x recently released three adorable totes with screen-printed , Hermes and clutches on them! Hey, might as well be glamorous while lugging groceries home from Trader Joe’s! 


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Money Making Scheme Or Environmental Protection Plan?

Kirby February 3 at 1:41 | Comments

Money Making Scheme Or Environmental Protection Plan?  fashionThe next time you go shopping on 5th Avenue, pay attention to which stores stuff your new goodies in plastic bags…oh, and prepare to toss a few nickels for the bags while you’re at it. Thanks to and Friday’s budget announcement, there will be a five-cent tax on all plastic bags in New York City. Estimated to raise $100 million for the city, I’m starting to wonder if this tax is a “fundraiser” for the Big Apple or simply a reason for people to reduce, reuse and recycle. The five-cents you’ll toss at the cashier may seem like chump change, but the cost certainly adds up for something you’ll end up throwing away sooner or later. So, my fellow New Yorkers, I suggest you invest in a dozen of those reusable shopping bags…they’ll last longer than a plastic bag, will cost you less in the long run and reduce the amount of plastic floating around. Kill two birds with one stone without a bird actually dying from  plastic bag suffocation… 


For more, check out NY Mag!

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