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The Blonds Really DO Have More Fun

Styled by Amanda Gabriele

Fashion Week may be over, but the spirit lives on through collection write-ups and party photos. Staying true to their spiky, sparkly and ultimately sexy collections, The Blonds after party on February 16 was a whirlwind of dancing, drinking and trannies galore. Held at RdV lounge in Manhattan, these are some provocative party photos you don’t want to miss.

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Christy Siriano + Bluefly = TRANNY KLUM

Styled by Zmaji Robinson

Super Tranny Fierce Messy Mess Ferocia *Snap**Snap* D’Lushus! Do it Christy Girl!

Christy is taking over at Bluefly and the Trannies must be goin out of their minds with anticipation to spend their welfare checks. It’s great to see someone win Project Runway and actually have something to show for it. How fudgin awesome to that he can even make simple, everyday pieces but keep the grand, unique style that we’ve come to love. Watch for 2:17 when Christy coins a new phrase “Tranny Klum”. I like it, I’m using it, I’m stealing it and I’m going to copyright it, NAH!

-Z’maji of HauteBlogXOXO

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