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Shock Your Style With Some Penis Print Pants

Have you ever stared at your closet and thought, “my clothes could really use a little more male genitalia”?  We haven’t either.  Until now.  Dutch designer Bas Kosters  has designed these head turning “Is That a Cock On Your Legs?” leggings for men and women, and if you find yourself in an appropriate setting to rock them, they can actually be quite chic, from a safe distance.   To commit $150 to hours of endless entertainment, and for a closer look, click ahead. 

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FASHIONVILLE | February 28

Trending on Milan Runways: Leg Bombing Soldiers Get Catty

Milano bared its wild side, and also the desire to restrain such urges. With leg bombing slits and curvature illusions sauntering about, it got a bit catty. Then strength in numbers and uniform brought it down to a demure, modest place. These five trends from Milan Fashion Week are fighting to be worn in harmony. 

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#NYFW Trend Watch: Orange Is Burning

Ah, that rich citrus scent wafts smokily through New York Fashion Week as many designers are using burnt orange as a carrying color throughout their collections. With varying tones of vibrance, this hue skews dark, often mixed with maroons and deep aqua greens á la Costello Tagliapietra and Band of Outsiders. In a thousand textures and a million ways, expect to see more orange burning to the ground in Fall 2012. 

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BROADCAST: 700 Japanese Fashion Brands Found on

Japanese style is so sleek. It’s no secret; they’re adventurous with minimalism, wild about layers, playfully curious with new silhouettes. Now we can shop Japan’s Soho equivalents, Shibuya and Harajuku online. is one of the biggest Japanese fashion webstores and is now available in the U.S. and 81 other countries around the world. With over 500,000 items updated daily from over 700 top Japanese brands, you know you’re going to get a healthy mix of indie designers, flourishing labels and stunning finds. And there’s a giant winter sale on NOW! 80% off! Check out some of our favorite finds after the jump. 

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