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FASHIONVILLE | September 21

Springing for 2012 Trends from New York and London

Spring 2012 is blooming before our very eyes as trends fall in fringe, sprout like flowers and actively kick it into hyperspeed. Designers from New York and London are on a wavelength that transcends oceans, and that frequency is tickling our future wardrobes with trends we love.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 19

Annabel Tollman Talks Trends, Night to Day Dressing, and Why Young Designers Are The Most Creative Type

During the few weeks in between seasons when you wake up freezing and are sweating by noon, the conventional rules of fashion go completely out the window.  To help wrap our heads around how to dress right now, we chatted with uber glam stylist Annabel Tollman about her tips on transitional dressing, making an outfit work from night to day (note the difference), and why young designers might just be more creative than the bigger players.

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Adriana Lima Gives Us Her Advice On Being A Bombshell

With swim season just around the corner, there is no bigger wish on a girl’s mind than looking more like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  They have answered our calling with a new line of Bombshells swimwear that amps up your chesticles 2 cup sizes.  False advertising? Maybe. Instant confidence boost? Absolutely.  We chatted with Adriana Lima about what makes a bombshell and her favorite items from summer.  Read our interview after the jump.

Adriana Lima Gives Us Her Advice On Being A Bombshell

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Desert Trendspotting: Western Vintage

The winter weather is finally turning and we’ve started to switch out our wardrobes to get set for summer.  While filling out our closets, we’re checking off our list of summer staples: maxi dresses, vintage prints, short boots, ripped up tees, and worn in denim have all made the cut.  For some style inspiration, we’ve turned to the hundred degree heat of the desert at the Coachella Music Festival.  Pick up some tips on western-vintage summer dressing from the style mavens below:

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