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TRENDSPARK | January 2

8 Fashion Trends You Won’t Be Able to Fight in 2013

Last year came and went, and with it so did many trends, some of which I’m hoping get left behind in 2012. Unfortunately, since street stylers and fashion bloggers are always a few steps ahead, here are trends you will now begin spotting amongst mainstreamers finally catching up. Basically, reason why I’m pissed Sketchers is now making wedge sneakers. Damnit.

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NSFW | October 22

Swagger Jackin’ Robert Pattinson

The other week Robert Pattinson stepped out in NYC in a navy layered outfit. After analyzing every component, we’ve come up with the essentials it will take for you to pull of Rob’s outfit.

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BOUTIQUE CRITIQUE: New Downtown Men’s Shop, Entrepreneur New York

In a slice of Nolita on Kenmare, the self-made man can find his ideal digs. The two-month old shop, Entrepreneur New York knows that every day is causal Friday if you’re your own boss. This kind of casual sets you a head above the rest.

Get to know Entrepreneur better based on Style, Brands, Price, Neighborhood, Interior Perks, and see 5 looks styled by/on Lester Brathwaite. Happy shopping, gentlemen.

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