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Supermodels Continue to Think We Care About Their Opinions

Tyra has Type F and now Heidi has Heidi Klum on AOL, her own self-help, lifestyle how-to, DIY AOL channel. Yay…?

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MUSE OF THE WORLD: Franca Sozzani Says Go to Hell, Blake Lively Dyes and Top Model’s All Star Return

- Vogue Italia editor in chief and avid blogger, Franca Sozzani says that if you don’t like her blog, you “can go to hell.” Sozzani elaborates, “I say that I’m sick and tired and I won’t write my blog anymore, then they say, ‘Oh, continue.’ I write what I think and we can’t all agree; if we all did, where would controversy be? If there is no controversy, there is no opinion.”  [WWD]

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Tyra and ALT Discuss the Little Black D-D-D-Dress for Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion

My new favorite show of all time — in all its 4 minute glory — is Tyra and André Leon Talley‘s Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion, a monthly exploration of wardrobe staples set to the crazy beat of Ty-Ty’s own special drum. For this, their second installment, Mama and Baby Bear, as I like to call ALT and Tyra (respectively) deconstruct the LBD, or Little Black Dress.

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America’s Next Top Voguer: Vote for the Best Posers on Facebook!

Fashion Indie readers are clearly among the fiercest kids around as was proven to me with the submissions to our America’s Next Top Voguer contest. They took copious notes on posing and the results have paid off! So I’ve sewn in my best business weave, my smizing muscles are all warmed up and André Leon Talley has taken out a restraining order against me: let’s get the competition started!

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FASHION SCRAMBLE: Americans Love Big Boobs + Tyra Talks Harvard + Tisci’s a Mama’s Boy at Heart

-  Here’s a shocker: breast implants are more popular than ever. Over the past decade, boob jobs have, ahem, increased, by 40 percent, while lipo, nose jobs and face-lifts have all declined in popularity. But fear not, America, you’re still as vain as ever; botox injections have increased a whopping 584 percent since 2000. Thanks almost exclusively to Bravo‘s Real Housewives. [NY Times]

- I’m loving Tyra Banks: Harvard student. She lives in the dorms, eats in the cafeteria and wakes up daily at 730 for study sessions with her classmates. Not only that, she’s never too busy to help out her fellow students : “I’m giving a billionaire that has a business that’s been in his family for 300 years—I’m giving him advice about strategy! Or how to penetrate the American market!” And don’t forget, how to sit without sitting. [NY Mag]

- Riccardo Tisci would have turned down his post at Givenchy had it not been for one pesky little factor: his mom. Turns out Mama Tisci was on the verge of selling her house and moving into a retirement home: “When I heard that it was like a knife in my heart. I felt like such a failure, that my mother had to sell the house of my father whom I don’t remember. And then I went to Paris, and they showed me a contract with all these zeros on it, and it was like help from God. I thought ‘If I sign this, my mother will never have to worry again.’ So I signed it.” Sometimes all it takes is a mother’s guilt. [Vogue UK]

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I JUST DIED: The Tyra and ALT Web Series Edition

Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion — I mean, my death took place pretty early in this story –  Tyra‘s web series with André Leon Talley has debuted on the model-mogul’s new website, Type F. Within the first 10 seconds they’re literally yelling in each other’s faces. And I feel for the first time in weeks that everything is going to be okay.

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ANTM Judge Sexually Harasses Model

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Former ANTM Judge and stylist Nole Marin is currently being sued for sexual harassment. How scandalous!

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Katy Perry: Thirsty for More!

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First we had David Beckham and his fish sticks. Next came Ivanka Trump and her promotion for inexpensive prepackaged lunches. Now we have none other than Katy Perry and Denny’s teaming up for some “Hot N Cold” action! Perry started off by helping Denny’s host Warped Tour after parties, and now the pop star has landed herself not in a tabloid or on a commercial, but in a menu! This week, Perry’s signature beverage, “The Hot N Cold Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino,” will hit menus as part of the 10pm-5am Rockstar Menu. It might be cheesy to name a drink after your newest hit single, but with french vanilla cappuccino, whipped cream, cherries, hot fudge and vanilla ice cream, the thing will probably have you singing “I drank the whole thing, and I liked it. The taste of the cherries and chocolate!” Okay, I’ll stop.

So, who’s next? Tyra for Tyson chicken? Paris Hilton for Happy Meals? 



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BeautySpark: Crimped Hair

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Tyra’s been spotted rocking crimped hair. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to rehash this 80/90′s hair disaster.

To be completely honest though, I really do like the way this looks on Tyra. The crimp almost feels like what a white chick would do if she wanted to get some afrodite-esque hair. And since Tyra really doesn’t have any of her own hair, this look works well since it isn’t actually destroying her locks. 

So I guess what I’m saying is that this look might actually work if you had a weave, wig or extensions. Other than that I would never suggest destroying your hair for the chance to catch onto this trend. 

I guess I’m also complimenting Tyra, which might just be a first on Fashion Indie (I personally love her, but some of our other writers are less than excited about the Top Model).

Transexuals, Drag Queens, and Anorexics: Now that’s America’s Next Top Model

19 year old Annaleigh

The leading lady loves her some photoshop

19 year old Brittany doesn’t look like she photographs too well

Blondie Clark is a skinny, skinny, skinny 19 year old

Elina bearing similar features to Ms. Fox at 19 but of course not nearly as attractive. Odd tattoo on her stomach

19 year old Hannah

22 year old Isis returns to the show, no longer an extra! Now here’s for the best news..she’s a transsexual. Yes everyone there is a transexual on ANTM. That shouldn’t even be allowed! Last time I checked there were nude photoshoots and one on ones with Nigel! Uh oh!

I can tell already Joslyn, 23, is going to get her head shaved.

Lauren Brie, 20 years old

Ms Agyness Deyn has returned as 19 year old Marjorie

Painfully skeletal Nikeysha, 19, looks awfully similar to Top Model winner Saleisha.

18 year old Samantha

Sharaun is 18 years old and next in like behind Joslyn for the head shaving

Kimora at it again? The look alike that photographs like a 30 year old is 21 year old Sheena.

19 year old McKey looks like a transvestite.

The cast has been released! The contestants are awfully unimpressive I really don’t see anyone that looks good enough in their snapshots to be a top model. I mean come on! We want someone to cheer for, as of now, I’m not sure I would want any of them to win.

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