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Treat Mind, Body & Sole to a $50 Spa Week Treatment at Saks

April has us heart deep in eco-month, and our soul feels great. Now let’s focus on the sole (and the rest of the body). Spa Week starts next week, and with it comes $50 spa treatments!! Sometimes saving your wallet and your body can be as important as saving the world. And if you hit up the Halcyon Days Salon & Spa at Saks or Neiman Marcus, you can take your utterly relaxed self down to the shoe department, and spend what you saved on the Spa Week special on a new pair of neon Prada pumps. Anything to wash away the feeling of the low spa slipper…

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How to Stay Sheepishly Hot Like Tom Brady

While it’s coming up Spring on this balmy February 1st, I find myself thinking about our [mutual] friends in the Midwest. How cold it must be out there, hardly feeling any of the finer effects of global warming. So to you, bundlers of the cold Middle America, we are sympathetic to your dire need to wear suede boots lined with sheepskin. We dug around for some that aren’t, well, ugly. And gentlemen, know the shoes that Tom Brady swears will keep you foot-balls warm. 

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