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Calvin Klein Underwear and Superstar Stylist Annabel Tollman Get Naked Together in New Videos

Calvin Klein Underwear teamed up with celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman for a series of shorts in celebration of the brand’s Naked Glamour line of lingerie. In the three black & white vids, shot by Douglas Keeve, Tollman discusses her styling process and creating a character or persona for a given scenario. Each short features a different bra and evokes a different feeling: “Confident,” “Strong” and “Sexy.” Check out the videos after the jump!

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Debriefed: Bloggers in their Underwear

These awesome dude bloggers show us their style on the daily, crediting the outfit head to toe. But they’ve been missing one detail that lies beneath. The question of boxers of briefs is as old as Space Jam. Now we want to know which boxers? Who makes those briefs? So we hit up some of our favorite indie bloggers from The Grungy Gentleman, TuckedWhat is James Wearing, The Dandy Project and SPIF to show us their underwear. Because beauty is on the inside…right? 

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FASHION WEEK | August 26

Hurricane How-To In a Fashion Emergency

Holy crap. There’s a hurricane coming.  As city-dwellers who have no idea what to do when a natural disaster occurs (i.e. the other day when New Yorkers poured into the streets during the earthquake), we’ve compiled a short list of what a hurricane is and what you should do to safely, and stylishly, prepare for disaster.  Here we go…Hurricane How To In a Fashion Emergency

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Cheeky New Lingerie to Launch From Witty Knitter Lindsay Degen

The daughter of clinical scientists, Lindsey Degen has developed the rebellious whim to design anatomically comical pieces. Like her oversized knits she’s shown at group art shows while working in knitwear at VPL, in which she uses pom-poms on nipple flaps and has a “third leg”. For her lingerie collection, Degen, launching in September, she has taken to using knits in tamer proportions. Though still cheeky – like the cutout for “crack action” at the bootie, she projects “I didn’t want the collection to be that wearable.” See for yourself. It might just find itself more wearable than she intended. But see her outrageous thesis project here. (You know as in her senior thesis collection, from last year at RISD)
Cheeky New Lingerie to Launch From Witty Knitter Lindsay Degen

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