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Older stories
FASHION, STREETSTYLE / October 22 2012 12:14 PM

From Eyelid Surgery to His & Hers Matching Underwear: How Far Do South Koreans Go For Fashion?

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Remember when your parents gave you money for graduation, and your boyfriend splurged on a nice piece of jewelry? Well, for South Korean girls, common gifts are more like plastic surgery from your parents and a pair of matching underwear from your boyfriend. From eyelid surgery to deep a deep desire to look more “western,” the young generation of Seoul dish on their perfect look, the K-Pop sensation and shopping at 3 a.m in VICE’s latest installment of Fashion Week Internationale.

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MUSIC / September 16 2012 12:00 PM

Adidas Celebrates 10 Years in SoHo with A$AP Rocky

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Thursday night, Lester, Sam and I closed New York Fashion Week in the best of ways by celebrating 10 years in SoHo with Adidas Originals, hosted by our favorite cool kids at VICE Magazine. The soiree boasted lots of free booze and a stellar in-store performance by A$AP Rocky, during which I died and went to heaven. See all of the exclusive photos after the jump.

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CULTURE, NYC / April 12 2012 9:49 AM

VICE Takes It to the Disco in New Web Series

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Our friends over at VICE have gone from the international runway back to more familiar territory: in da club. Its latest web series in collaboration with HeinekenDiscotecture, follows five young New York-based designers from different disciplines as they come together to create their vision of the ”nightclub of the future,” with a little advice from some of the best in the industry, to be presented to the public at the Milan International Design Fair this month. Featuring interviews with iconic nightclubbers and nightlife personalities including David Byrne, Andre Balazs,  Michael Musto and Amy Sacco, a new episode airs every Monday at Check out the trailer after the jump!

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FASHION / February 22 2012 6:19 PM

Free Exchange Fur: Adrienne Landau from Forest to NYFW to Subway to Me… to HSN

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Last week, Vice Magazine posed this furry question. Free Range Fur: Is it still murder if you trap it, skin it, and sew it yourself? Aside from my belief that it is more humane to raise an animal for slaughter than it is to take a free and happy one out of the forest, this week FashionIndie asks our own fur-centric question: Is it still murder if you earn your fur by bartering the written word that embodies Adrienne Landau‘s collection inspiration for her run-of-show pamphlet? What if the initial meeting were to happen entirely by chance, outside of Lincoln Center, whereupon I would as well wind up interviewing her  on the subway en route back to our respective offices in the garment center? Could my conscious cope? I think the answer is pretty clear. And I’m wearing it now.

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