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CULTURE, FILM / February 23 2012 1:54 PM

INDIE REWIND: The 10 Greatest Oscar Gowns of All Time

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The Academy Awards are this Sunday which means that Meryl Streep is sticking pins in her Viola Davis vooodoo doll, George Clooney is readying his smug acceptance speech and Brad Pitt is scraping the last Jolie-Pitt scion off his scraggly goatee in preparation for the big night.  So in celebration and in anticipation, we present to you an oldie but a goodie: The 10 Greatest Oscar Gowns…wait for it…OF ALL TIME.

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CULTURE / February 3 2012 2:01 PM

Hanging Out for the Girlcore Book Launch

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LOOKBOOKS contributor Catrin Davies hangs out with the minds behind Girlcore Magazine for their new book and exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery in London. Check out her musings below.

It’s hard to write about London, girls and empowerment without wanting to break out the Union Jack teatowel dress. But it’s not the 90s, and I’m definitely not Ginger Spice, so last night I exorcised a few teenage demons by popping by the launch party for Girlcore‘s new book and exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery.

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CULTURE, FASHION / October 11 2011 1:37 PM

You’re Here, You’re Queer, Get Into It: Picking the Perfect Coming Out-fit

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Today is October 11th, better known as National Coming Out Day — the day when all excuses for “drunken” late night hook-ups, all half-hearted reasoning behind “accidental” brushes against the thigh and innumerable piles of carefully hidden porn come tumbling out of the closet. After all, it’s 2011 and being gay is okay. You can kind of get married — if you live in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire or Washington D.C. — and you can openly serve in the military — as if you would either way — so what’s not to be proud of? And sure, being gay’s not all is cracked up to be — it really doesn’t get that much better — but it’s still better than living a lie that no one nor their mother is buying. So go head, Mary, wave that rainbow flag and blast your Lady Gaga ’cause lady you were born this gay.

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