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Who Wore Dolce & Gabbana Best On Vogue Paris?

Usually when a magazine releases multiple covers they try to make them visibly different. Vogue Paris, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in playing by the norms and featured 3 of fashion’s biggest models in the same Dolce & Gabbana frock for the September cover.

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Where There’s Le Smoking, There’s Bound to Be Fire

To kick off June, our month dedicated to “Men,” let’s take a look back at that classic menswear staple, the tuxedo, given a feminine touch by Yves Saint Laurent some five decades ago: Along with the bikini, the wrap-dress and the tranny heel, Le Smoking is the greatest sartorial invention of the past 50 years.

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LINKLOVIN | April 16

Hillary Clinton Goes H.A.M. in Colombia, Tupac Rocks Coachella and French Vogue Now in English

-Chin up! Chin augmentation is now the fastest growing plastic surgery in America, making one long for the less complicated days of face-lifts, boob jobs and voluntary lipo. [Huff Po]

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was Secretary of Shots in Colombia, leaving her pantsuit and her ponytail at home to knock a few back with the girls. I believe this was shortly before the entire Secret Service got secretly serviced. [NY Post]

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Introducing “CR”: Carine Roitfeld’s New Magazine

Editirix extraordinaire Carine Rotifeld has started spilling the beans on her new biannual magazine, officially called CR Fashion Book. Describing it as a “celebration of fashion and creativity,” each issue will be centered around a theme and feature established and emerging talents both in front of and behind the camera. 

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Michelle Obama Covers Ebony, Kim & Kanye to Form Kimye and Barbie Aims for the White House

- Beyoncé‘s taking over social media — she’s Tweetin’ (presumably Facebookin’) and now Tumblin’. Bey’s got a Tumblr, or as I like to call it, “What I’m Doing This Weekend.” [BT]

- What’s American for “Ooh la la”? Vogue Paris may now be available in English following a mysterious tweet by the mag earlier today. [The Cut]

- Fierce Lady of the United States/renowned HBIC Michelle ”Guns” Obama covers the May issue of Ebony magazine where apparently she addresses the issue of burning in hell following a one night stand. Literally, it’s the FLOTUS, show some respect and save that smut for Cosmo. [Styleite]

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FASHIONVILLE | February 14

Tits on the Runway

Vogues Paris and Italia have been no strangers to them, historically. American Vogue avoids them completely. Purple Mag masterfully exploits them. And New York Fashion Week is busting at the seams with them. We’re talking about boobs. Once relegated to the awkward nip slip, now the tits forward march dominates catwalk, and we love the sheer audacity. These are looks that may remind your man how sexy you can look in that see-thru floor length Yigal Azrouël, if only he buys it for you. Share your desire to replicate these runway looks at home alone with him, then layer into them when you step out in the big bad sadly non-nudist world. Because while you can’t see tits on the radio, you can see them on the runway. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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Emmanuelle Alt Wants You to Wake Her Up Before You Go-Go

Jitterbug. Emmanuelle Alt has finally made me not long for the kohl-eyed, pencil-skirted days of Carine Roitfeld and all it took was a few dozen models or so in a pitch-perfect parody of Wham!‘s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”  To fete the relaunch of French Vogue‘s website, its editrix-in-chic recruited Anja Rubik, Kendra Spears, Karmen Pedaru and Jasmine Tooks to back her up in a feat of lip-synching that would put Madonna to shame. And while Alt is not as pretty as 80s-era George Michael — then again, who is? — she sure gives him a run for his jitterbugging money. Check out the thoroughly AMAZING clip after the jump.  

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INDIE REWIND: 10 Poses to Get You into Vogue

Having paged through my fair share of Vogues since acquiring my first issue some ten years ago, I’ve picked up a trick or two. There are certain poses models always do –  poses that are “classic Vogue.” So to master these is to get one horse-like step closer to those hallowed, glossy editorial pages.

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