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THANK YOU: Little Designer Book Purchased Our First Platinum Membership!

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Littledesignerbook.com  has purchased the first membership to the ‘I Heart Fashion Indie’ campaign! Thanks to them, we’re on our way to raising $200,000 from the readers in our network that love us, in order to create all sorts of goodness on the Fashion Indie site.  Now that Little Designer Book is a part of our Platinums, they’ll get all sorts of perks like:

  • Access to FashionIndieMedia.com, a private network where you can connect directly to otherPlatinum Members and get insider information about our upcoming projects, view our business and marketing plans, keep abreast on company developments, and discover additional investor opportunities.
  • VIP Status at Fashion Indie Events including our fashion shows, lounge events, nightclub parties and sample sales.
  • Invitation to our quarterly Investor Lounge where you can meet additional supporters of Fashion Indie.
  • Listed as a Platinum Member on FashionIndie.com.
  • Monthly Live Chat with Fashion Indie President & Cofounder, Daniel Saynt so that you can ask questions and get to know a little more about where Fashion Indie Media is headed.

Best of all, Platinum Members will receive a 2-1 return on their membership fees once Fashion Indie hits certain growth milestones. For more information on becoming a Platinum Member, click here to sign up or visit FashionIndieMedia.com.

Now doesn’t that sound cool?  Fashion Indie hearts you, and we want you to heart us too. We hope that you become a Platinum member, or tweet/invest/join one of our sites/fan us on facebook/subscribe/check us on youtube/grab our widgets/call us and tell us you love us (917-450-5238)/Send us a letter: Fashion Indie, 369 Lexington Ave, Second Floor, New York, NY 10017/do one of the other millions of things that we have going on to show our love for you and for you to show your love for us.

Lots of love going around this office..share with us.

And again, thank you to Little Designer Book! We love you the most for being our first Platinum member..everyone go over to their site and  show your support!

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SERIOUSLY PEOPLE: Where Are Your Style Pics?

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I know my post about how we were searching for the next member of our ‘’ list may have seemed kind of harsh, but it wasn’t meant to turn EVERY one of you away!  Our twitter only received ONE @ to enter their style pic, and we’re really sad about it! 

We promise to be nice to you, we promise not to steal your pictures and use you for our ’street zeroes’. We just want you to be a part of our list! So send, send, send or we’re going back to stalking the internet for more of our favorite fashion peeps. 

Seriously people, hit us with your best shot. Send your twitpics, links, whatever you want to @fashionindie to be a part of our list!

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THE TAKEOVER: Semi Precious Weapons Music Video For ‘Her Hair Is On Fire’

Here’s the music video for the song ‘Her Hair is On Fire,’ another hit from the album ‘We Love You’

Via Myspace

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THE TAKEOVER: Semi Precious Weapons Music Video For ‘Semi Precious Weapons’

Picture 3

Here’s the music video for their self-titled song off of their debut album ‘.’ Justin Trater is looking fierce! (And yes, that is Raquel Reed).

Via Myspace

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