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SHOPPING / August 14 2012 2:00 PM

6 Stylish Ways to Stay Cute AND Comfy on an Airplane

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Oh the joys of an airplane ride. Cramped seating, terrible snacks and dehydrating air is no picnic in the park, but the destination is almost always worth the journey. Besides toting a quality toner and bringing your own sandwich on the plane, what else can one do to stay comfortable without compromising style? These six pieces let you keep your cool while providing you with the most cozy airplane experience possible.

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CULTURE, FASHION / April 19 2012 1:00 PM

Sunglasses Lean Westward, Toward Many Cool Charities

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There’s a sunglass company that’s doing a whole lot of good. Westward Leaning is supporting a slew of seriously awesome charities that benefit so many aspects of humanity. From aiding science education to elderly jazz musicians, to stopping drug wars and protecting national parks, each sunglass serves a purpose. All the frames are the same, but the little side insets change with the charity it supports. Turquoise helps Native Americans. Brass helps the big bands in New Orleans. Each is sustainably sourced and carefully considered to look good. 

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