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Older stories

The Greatest (Non-Royal) Wedding Video Ever… Dirty Bit

The thought of a wedding will probably make most of you Indies yak on your Louboutins (or Jeffrey Campbells, no judgement), but we just stumbled across the greatest wedding video ever and felt inclined to share. Though I’ll tell you, I am secretly imagining this as Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Princess Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s personal wedding relic. And I’m trying to picture McQueen on the bride, but not enough squinting in the world will do the trick. Be that as it may, enjoy the ceremony, dirty bit.

The Greatest (Non Royal) Wedding Video Ever... Dirty Bit

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PLAYLIST | February 7

Highlights from the Superbowl: Black Eyed Peas Play

Last night was a triumph for Cheeseheads everywhere as the Green Bay Packers bring home the big W. It was also a triumph for sequined football pads, thousands of LED people and autotune. While all them football fanatics are hovering over ESPN for replays and recounts and fumbles and close ups and slowdowns of buff men in tight pants, let’s review the real highlight of the evening: The Halftime Show.

Highlights from the Superbowl: Black Eyed Peas Play

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