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SHOP: Wrath Arcane In At Oak

Corey Moran, Mens Editor November 11 at 1:44
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SHOP: Wrath Arcane In At Oak start here

After going to the last (Capsule) trade show and seeing this collection by Cleveland designers Wrath Arcane, I knew it was going to be a huge hit.

Wrath Arcane: Fall 2009 Collection

Corey Moran, Mens Editor September 3 at 6:55
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Picture 12

Consider this post a gift, as well as a threat! Wrath Arcane’s upcoming collection is tied for my favorite collection for Fall 2009, and if all of you indies buy this collection up before I get a chance to pick my favorite pieces out I’ll find you and rob you! Take a look at the gallery for the whole collection.

Gallery: Wrath Arcane: Fall 2009 Collection

Check out the Wrath Arcane website for stocklists too!

Wrath Arcane: Spring 2010 Collection

Corey Moran, Mens Editor July 14 at 12:15
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Wrath Arcane: Spring 2010 Collection menswear designers

Ahhh one of my all time favorite designers, Wrath Arcane, has another great collection ready to go for Spring 2010. The collection is true to the Wrath Arcane style, and is sure to be a hit for Spring 2010!

Gallery: Wrath Arcane: Spring 2010 Collection

via Selectism

3 Labels 3 Cities Party Sat May 2nd

3 Labels 3 Cities Party Sat May 2nd menswear designers

My dear friend Maricio Canales, whom I met while working at Love Brigade, just informed me of an awesome party happening in DC this weekend.

LoveBrigade along with two other designers are having their DC Launch Party. For all you “Fashionistas” and DC locals, this is a great opportunity to meet the designers of not only LoveBrigade but of Wrath Arcane and Plastic Heaven. All great labels, all great designs, all great people…Drink, mingle and shop!

Wrath Arcane: Fall 2009 Collection

Corey Moran, Mens Editor February 9 at 4:55
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Wrath Arcane: Fall 2009 Collection menswear designers

Fashion Indie friends, Wrath Arcane, have been quick to rise up my list of favorite designers, and their latest Fall 2009 Collection jst moved them up a few more notches. I got a chance to check this collection out at (Capsule) a few weeks back, and I fell in love. I really do plan on buying 90% of this collection it is that good. The leather products that are new for this year are insane, and they have more shoes besides the ones shown. The collection is insanely good, incase you couldn’t tell from my excitement.

Gallery: Wrath Arcane: Fall 2009 Collection

Courtesy of: Hypebeast


Re(Capsule) menswear designers

I popped into New York for a quick minute over the weekend so that I could attend my second season of (Capsule), which has quickly trumped New York Fashion Week as my favorite event of the year. With some amazing designers like Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Denim & Thread, Buckler, Chronicles of Never and April 77, (Capsule) provides buyers and writers the amazing opportunity to see what the hippest designers have planned for the upcoming season. This season featured some of my favorite designers in the industry, and I will be featuring them all week as the pictures roll in from their press offices. 

Re(Capsule) menswear designers

Chronicles of Never Shoes

I was lucky enough to meet and talk to some amazing people and designers from labels like Wrath Arcane, Velour, Naked & Famous, Lova and S2VS. Another season another great success. I can’t wait to see these collections on the shelves in 2009/2010.

Sneak Peek: Wrath Arcane Fall 2009

Daniel Saynt, Editor-In-Chief November 24 at 12:37
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Wrath Arcane Gives Us a Sneak Peek

Wrath Arcane Gives Us a Sneak Peek

Wrath Arcane is definitely caught up on their upcoming collections. They already have sneak peeks of their Fall 2009 collection up on their Fashion Indie Hearts site. Check it out here.

Wrath Arcane Confirms (Capsule)

Corey Moran, Mens Editor November 17 at 3:58
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Wrath Arcane Confirms (Capsule) all indie

Our good friends at Wrath Arcane have some really exciting news for all of you indies!

We’re going to be showing our FALL 09 line at all three (capsule) shows in NY, Paris, and Las Vegas.  We’ve just finished designing the line, and now we’re going back and forth with our US factories with the samples.  The line is expanding to include boots, hats, and gloves.  WHOA.

You heard it here first readers!

For more on Wrath Arcane check out their awesome new blog!

Oak Stocks Up For Fall

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Opening Ceremony Motor Cardigan $310

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Surface to Air Raw Slim Jean $210

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Obesity and Speed Flannel Button Down Hoodie $115

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Cavern Leaves Tee $86

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Hyden Yoo Bloom Coat $322

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Chronicles Of Never Placket Tee $186

Oak Stocks Up For Fall all indie

Wrath Arcane Straight Jacket $226

One of Fashion Indie’s favorite New York boutiques Oak has been rolling in their Fall stock faster than the leaves are falling off the trees. They have been stocking up on a ton of amazing collections from equally as amazing designers. This should be a top priority stop in your hunt for you new Fall gear over this long holiday weekend Here are some of the designers who have got their Fall collections up for sale at Oak right now.

-Surface to Air

-Obesity and Speed

-Chronicles of Never


-Wrath Arcane

-Hyden Yoo

-Patrik Ervell





-Julian Red

-Opening Ceremony


To check out all the these collections plus many more either go to the Oak website or check out their three locations (addresses on their site as well).

The Inter-Views of Fashion: Wrath Arcane

Amanda Gabriele, Contributor September 30 at 11:00
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The Inter Views of Fashion: Wrath Arcane all indie

The fashion world never sleeps- there is always something new and exciting to work on. This goes for Wrath Arcane designer Sean Bilovecky, who is constantly busy with his Midwest-based label. I was lucky to catch him for a quick interview about fall ‘08, Cleveland and what awaits the brand in the future.

Wrath Arcane is based in Cleveland. What encouraged your decision to keep the brand grounded in the Midwest?

Well, for starters, we all live here. Moving everyone and the business to a different city would be difficult and expensive. Cleveland has to be one of the cheapest cities in the country to live and work. In a weird way, I think all the bad things that have happened to the city both inform and inspire what we do. Our studio is in the middle of what used to be the second largest garment producing block(s) in the country, second only to New York. We’re surrounded by vacant factories that are a constant reminder that things need to change in the US.

Wrath Arcane is sold all over the United States and has become a global brand. Where do you think the better feedback comes from- the coasts or the Midwest? Domestic or international?

It’s actually pretty even. The line has been doing really well at retail everywhere. The only stores that are hesitant to pick up the line are those whose customer base prefers bright colors or flashy labels. Bling Bling is a little afraid of the WRATH ARCANES.

You always incorporate several unique design details into your garments. What elements did you repeat throughout the fall ‘08 line?

FALL 08 is where we started playing more with our “harness” idea. We started to develop smaller “harness like” details for some of the wovens. Also, it’s the first time we use waxed canvas, which will be a staple fabric for a long time to come. We also started bringing in more color, although SPRING 09 has much more, and FALL 09 is looking to continue our newfound appreciation for color and pattern.

What have your latest inspirations been?

For FALL 09 it’s a little set of flag and patriotism images from early days of the US. FALL 09 is a mix of Revolutionary War meets Grunge (hate that word) meets high school football.

What season are you currently working on for Wrath Arcane? What details can we expect to see?

We’re right in the middle of FALL 09. We make every pattern ourselves… so the process can be a little overwhelming sometimes. We have the outerwear done, and we’re currently working on new wovens. We’re also going to have boots, shoes, full fashion knits, and more accessories for FALL 09… all made in the US!!! It’s a ton of work, but we are obsessed with the idea of brand expansion.

What, if anything, has been the biggest change for you this year- good or bad?

Getting married two days ago… haha. We’re on the verge of some pretty exciting things. We’re talking to one of the “major” athletic brands about a possible “collaboration” that would see retail in SPRING 10. Also, we are beginning our big push into the European market for FALL 09. As with any company/brand, the economic is constantly on our minds, but we are pushing forward no matter what.

What’s the best thing about raising a fashion label in Cleveland? The toughest?

The best thing is the cost of doing business, the toughest thing is… well, it’s tough to grow a brand in any city.

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

The Blessed: Wrath Arcane emerging fashion

It’s not often a fabulous designer bears and raises his or her label in the Midwest. But Sean Bilovecky decided to stick to his roots and change the way Clevelanders view high-end street wear with his label Wrath Arcane. With the tagline, “Big Labels are Fucked,” the brand exemplifies the notion of truly independent fashion.

I have always been extremely impressed by Bilovecky’s lines, but fall ‘08 is truly innovative and unique. Every man with any taste at all should be dressing like this. I’ve included some of my favorites, but I strongly encourage you to check out Wrath Arcane in its absolute glory on WrathArcane.com.

Thank you to Wrath Arcane for the amazing photos!

Oak Asks Designers to Engage in a Little Bondage

Oak Asks Designers to Engage in a Little Bondage emerging fashion

Above, left: Feather headband by Boyfriend, dress by Vena Cava. Above, right: Hoodie by Complex Geometries, harness by Wrath Arcane, jeans by Oak.

Oak Asks Designers to Engage in a Little Bondage emerging fashion

Above, left: T-shirts by Erik Hart. Above, right: Headband by Boyfriend, shoes by LD Tuttle.

Oak wants to take you to the dark side.

To celebrate Fashion Week, Oak has invited some of its favorite local indies, like Vena Cava, Philip Crangi, and Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons, to explore their inner kinks and create limited-edition pieces evoking the idea of bondage. The result is a limited edition collection that will be showcased starting on the 8th for a show called “Bond Age”.

Naughty fashionista’s can find pieces inspired by spanking, voyeurism, and a little S&M at Oak. Be sure to head to the premiere party to get a little extra dirty with cocktails from Belvedere Vodka.

Oak Asks Designers to Engage in a Little Bondage emerging fashion

Thanks to Refinery29 for spotting this delectable event.

Wrath Arcane Concept Hoodie for Spring 2008

Daniel Saynt, Editor-In-Chief April 9 at 11:42
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Selectism - Wrath Arcane Concept Hoodie

Wrath Arcane has long been a favorite at Fashion Indie and this concept hoodie from the Cleveland based brand shows that the duo who enjoy “fucking” big labels on the regular are in no rush to stop producing the best looks we’ve ever seen.

Their Concept Hoodie available now at Blackbird.

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