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INVITE: Yestadt Millinery SS’10 Collection

Yestadt Millinery will present their SS’10 collection Sept 9th from 6-9pm at Tribeca Grand Hotel, 2 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013, and you are all invited.

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DESIGNER TO KNOW: Yestadt Millinery

When you’re working with your best friend since 5th grade, I guess anything can seem possible, which is essentially the story for designer Molly Yestadt and close friend/sales rep Jane Pincus. The duo are a match ready to advance the prevalence of millinery, hence the company, Yestadt Millinery. FashionIndie had the privilege of meeting with the Yestadt team to get the inside scoop!

With gorgeous hats donning that signature blue inside trim, it seemed rather necessary to ask Molly how she got into the field of millinery. Attending FIT and gaining training in the specific field, to Molly it seemed as though millinery was her only true option because it was the one thing she really loved. Hats are the “microcosm of a look”, she explains, finding the right words to articulate, “Why hats?” She goes on to explain that the entire process of creating the hat is really a special thing, that there’s a certain art to it.

And what is that art exactly? The designer gave us an inside look into how the whole hat-making process really takes place; it all begins with something called blocking. Blocking is much like creating you’re own little sculpture; however, instead of sculpting the next “David”, you’re creating that perfect finishing touch to an ensemble. Molly is sure to start each piece with an inspiration of color, as she hand dyes a large majority of the materials she works with and takes great pride in the fact that each and every piece is hand touched. The designer loves taking custom orders and says it really allows her to make something unique, as she boasts her customers generally give her a wide degree of artistic freedom.

So what’s next for Yestadt Millinery? With items shown in the Marc by Marc show, and some of their favorite pieces being worn on Rihanna’s head, they have high hopes for the future. In the forefront is this main goal to somehow make hats relevant, Molly doesn’t want these pieces to be “fringe items”.  “They’re supposed to keep pace with everything else,” she explains.

And as the designer herself is advancing quite well, she has a bit of advice to others out there: “Do what you love. It’s all possible as long as you don’t sleep,” she says with a grin.

GALLERY: Yestadt Millinery designs

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