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10 Best Run Around All Day/Party All Night Shoes

Sure, you’ve got a wall full of heels and a strong set of calves that get the job done. But right now, we’re looking at the the 3-inch and under, no stiletto silhouette that will take you from your day job, to errands, to meeting your besties for a dance-all-night-athon. The key to these shoes: the first thing you notice is not the heellessness, but simply that they are cool. Heel or no heel, you’re getting noticed. Take note of these 10 shoes that’ll take you there without a chirp of foot pain. 

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LINKLOVIN | April 30

Baz Luhrmann Brings Elsa Schiaparelli & Miuccia Prada Together, Beyoncé’s “Crazy” Baby Talk and Yohji Yamamoto’s Film Debut

- Christina! Bring me the heels! Steel your nerves and hide the wire hangers to take a peek inside Joan Crawford‘s shoe closet. [Stylelist]

- In anticipation of The Costume Institute‘s upcoming “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations” exhibit, Vogue threw some models in Prada collections from spring 1996 to fall 2011. [Vogue]

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CULTURE CLUB | January 9

Simon Doonan: Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

If you’re fashion savvy on any level, you know who Simon Doonan is.  The visual charisma he brings to the windows at Barney’s resonates for every style maven from the posh women uptown to the wild experimentalists downtown. Like many icons and influencers tend to do, he started sharing his views with the world through books. His sixth literary installment Gay Men Don’t Get Fat launched this past weekend, and Simon held several speaking engagements (including a very chic breakfast with moi) where he divulged the secret world of the stereotypically stylish gays to audiences young and old. The book’s 60,000 perfect words diffuse and dive into achetypes of all sorts – from the gays to the straight men to the French women – and leave you laughing out loud…in my case embarrassingly so whilst alone in the Grey Dog Café. Here are some insights he shared, preparing us for what was to come in the book.

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Simon Doonan Plays Designer Favorites

Simon Doonan doesn’t get fat. Else he would not fit into that Alaïa he’s been eyeing and dying for. We found out all of his favorite designers this morning we met up and fêted today’s release of his new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. We also learned that the gayest food on the planet is inarguably a macaroon; a burrito, quite possibly the straightest. Anyway, back to the clothing he fits into being so gay and skinny. Meet the best designers in Simon Doonan’s eyes. 

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Technically Awesome Winter Jackets

It’s days like today that send us north easterners into a frightened frigid frenzy of layers and shivers as we push our way though the cold front. My new vintage Oscar de la Renta mohair may work in the upper 30s, low 40s, but send me below freezing and I may need something a little more high tech. Luckily, companies are hard at work developing coats that keep you super warm and not looking like a bulky snowman. They also sometimes serenade you, or protect you from ballistics. What I’m saying is that these are not your average jackets. No. These are technically awesome. 

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