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A Birthday Wish for Sean & John Lennon: Give Peace a Chance, Not Fracking!

Today, October 9th marks the day John Lennon came into existence, 72 years ago. On pop notes, Lennon’s name landed firmly in our vernacular with The Beatles, and as he evolved, aligning himself with love, he began to work for world peace with Yoko Ono in his NY years. Now his second son Sean Lennon, who is also celebrating a birthday today, is carrying on earth-changing movements with his mother Yoko. John was an antiestablishment, pro-humanity-minded artist, so, we’re sure the success of Sean’s and enviro-political Rolling Stone piece and organization against fracking would do John proud. Also, find out how Lady Gaga is supporting the cause with Yoko Ono today. 

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LINKLOVIN | September 14

Lady Gaga’s Head Tattoo

In a move to honor the death of Terry Richardson’s mother, mother monster Lady Gaga has shaved her head and has gotten a scalp tattoo. Last night she attended her launch party for Fame where she slept inside a giant replica bottle of and later was tattooed while she was inside. 

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FASHIONVILLE | September 7

Eckhaus Latta: What is a John & Yoko Diaper? And Why is Michael Kors on that Sheer Tunic?

Eckhaus Latta presented at Milk Studios a Spring 2013 collection of artistic conversation starters. Translucent leather jackets that look like latex, bottom-boob cleavage baring tops, an abstract John and Yoko printed diaper, and a pensive Michael Kors printed on a sheer tunic emblazoned thrice with the Eckhaus Latta logo. With a fine arts approach, Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus design based on dialogue they share between themselves and the community beyond. Exploring the space between vigorous movement and nonchalant repose, models lay on air mattresses and power walk on treadmills, showing that these avant garde garments are meant to be worn and talked about.

See the full collection, and explanation, ahead.

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